Option Strategy

[Option Strategy] Hedged Futures with OTM Options to Save…

These days for Retail Traders trading in futures trading requires a huge margin. Approximately 1.65 Lakh per lot is required to carrying forward future...
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When to Execute Bearish Diagonal Put Spread

Bearish Diagonal Call spread is neutral to a bearish strategy which is executed by buying long-dated in the money put option and concurrently selling...
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Use Cash Secured Puts Strategy to Buy Stocks at…

Cash Secured Puts is a simple way to acquire stocks for investment at a lower price than the current Market Price. It involves selling...
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Long Butterfly Spread – Amibroker AFL code

The Long butterfly spread is a neutral strategy that is a combination of a bull spread and a bear spread. It is a limited...
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Iron Condor Spread – Amibroker AFL code

Download Iron Condor Spread - Amibroker AFL code to monitor the Option Spread Stragies.
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