6 Reasons Why Nifty Pharma Will Make 50% upside…

Nifty Pharma one the most hated sector in this bull market for a variety of reasons. The number one reason is negative returns since...
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Want to know who is coppock?

Here are few list of posted Coppock Buy list filed in marketcalls earlier. You could see how coppock performs a long term play ...
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Coppock, Nifty and Amibroker AFL code

Coppock is one of my favorite bull market indicator. It helps investor to identify the start of the bull market. It helps investors to...
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Coppock turn positive for two more stocks

  During June 2009, I had mentioned about three stocks for which coppock turns positive . And two more stocks come under my observation...
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Coppock turn positive for Sensex

  Interesting this got un-noticed. Thanks to Mr. Balaji for brining attention towards the coppock indicator Coppock for Sensex turn positive during the...
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Coppock Says NTPC and Dabur in Bull RUN

  COPPOCK indicator turn Positive for NTPC and Dabur during mid of June indicating a Bull run in these stocks. I think the...
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Three Stocks to Park your money Safe

  Based on Coppock Indicator(Long Term Indicator) I has selected three stocks CIPLA – Rs 240 DABUR – Rs 114 NTPC – Rs...
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Coppock Indicator Update for Sensex

  Long Term Indicator – Coppock is turning upside from the bottom. Also Sensex had broken the long term resistance 200 Week Moving...
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Bull Market for Sun Pharma End Finally

  This is my second post with respect to coppock indicator. For those who are new to coppock indicator. here is a simple...
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Forget Reliance Go Hero Honda!!!

  Stock : Hero Honda CMP : Rs 844.7 1 Year High : Rs 898 3 Year High : Rs 940 Hero honda...
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Incredible Sensex and Coppock Indicator

Here is the 5 year charts for sensex. From the charts it is witnessed that coppock indicator shows negative value -36 with negative slope...
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Coppock Say’s Buy Hero Honda!!!!

  Stock : Hero Honda CMP : Rs 815   I dont know about the fundamental of Hero Honda. All I know about...
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