Trin Declines from 1 strongly

  TRIN declines from 1 shows easing of negative sentiment.Market also comeback after a strong bounceback from 4359 levels. Now the buy signal...
Rajandran R
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Caution : Nifty nears GANN Support Zone

  From the Nifty Hourly charts we could observe that…. Nifty is nearing the gann support regionnear 4325-4350. If Nifty fails to hold the...
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10 day SMA of TRIN at 1

  10 day SMA of TRIN at 1. If trin shoots above 1 then more bearishness in future. However respecting 1 and if...
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Few thought about this mad rally

Dollar is likely to bottom out in 1-2 weeks. Possibly nifty likley to downslide when the dollar index bottoms out. Till then FII's will...
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Nifty Futures Hourly Charts and Elliot for 6 July…

  Just got fooled with the randomness in the 15 min Nifty future chart in my earlier view . So looking into a...
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Still No Confirmation of Bullishness from Trin

  Supports Upgraded to 4340 and resistance near 4444 and 4500. But Trin still stays above 1. Still no confirmation of bullishness from...
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Until now no Bullish Cues from Trin

  Until now 10 day SMA trin shows bearishness(raising trin) and today shows a sharp move towards 2.0 i.e still at oversold levels(Delivery...
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Nifty is getting mixed views

Still now both bulls and bears are defending and both are not ready to give up. I do have produced mixed view in my...
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Reliance and Nifty Symbols Bearishness

  Weekly Charts of Reliance closed below fresh 4 week low. Also top formationwitnessed in weekly charts. Symbols alarming for next week. Also...
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How a Trader should view TRIN readings

Many of our readers requested how to trade trin. Here is an extract from “Mastering the Trade – John.F.Carter” about his knowledge on TRIN. Most...
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Intresting move in 10 day SMA of Trin

  Today 10 day SMA of Trin Shoots above 1 and closed just above 1.6(Oversold Levels).  And todays shoot is just an act...
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10 day SMA of TRIN Update

  Sharp Decline in TRIN below 1 indicates bullishness. Also indcates the continuatiion of fresh uptrend for Nifty Source:
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