Data Visualization – Interaction between stock market price and…

This Data Visualization project was selected as semifinalist in Adobe ADAA 2010!. This is the an interactive information design, visualizing the relationship between the...
Rajandran R
54 sec read

Nifty hourly futures for 22 Oct 2010 trading

Nifty futures hourly sell signal turns green in the last two hours current trailing stop loss comes near to 6040 zone(i.e the red line...
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8 sec read

Hourly Nifty Futures Update 5-13 EMA Channel trading system

Just a quick update for Nifty hourly futures from the GCI Trading software(Metatrader platform) using 5 EMA Channel offset trading system. Currently the hourly...
Rajandran R
12 sec read

Nifty Hourly Chart Update for 20 Oct 2010 Trading

Nifty Hourly sell signal continued for the third day and the trailing stop loss updated to 6134. While trading with Optimized Ichimoku Trading System...
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31 sec read

AD-line and the mystery

What the hell behind the adline which keeps on decling continiously for more than a year in this rising market? If you check the...
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Import NSE EOD Database into Amibroker using Getbhavcopy Downloader

Here is a step by step video in a traditional Indian style of explanation, which explains how to Import NSE EOD Database...
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Cheap stocks may prove costly

How much can you lose? Everything. This is the stockmarket, guys...where it is possible to lose everything. If you entered the market in September 1994,...
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