Google Realtime Intraday Backfill Data

How to get the realtime intraday backfill data. Many of us know that google provides 15 day intraday 1min backfill. But where is the...
Rajandran R
1 min read

When to write (short) options

I'm going to share information regarding when to write options and how beneficial it is to write options provided it satisfies certain conditions:
3 min read

Nifty daily ichimoku chart update

Nifty remains with the sell signal with resistance coming near 6110
Rajandran R
3 sec read

A look into Jan 2008 Call Options

These charts often remind us that Naked longs in puts/calls are always dangerous.
Rajandran R
21 sec read

Option strategies – Covered call, Covered put

Covered call and Covered put are both one of the best option strategies for those who trade in F&O segment. These strategies are used...
2 min read

Check on 5900 PE and 6000 PE Nov Option…

Chart shown here is the 13 days of 5900 PE and 6000PE historical Open Interest data. The Blue bar is the open interest...
Rajandran R
38 sec read

Low Risk stock picks

Here are some stocks which are @ support and above 200 MA. Can be low risk entry for long side. Keep tracking !!!!!!!!
Jay Chandran
7 sec read

Ramsarup industries ltd – A value pick?

Technically Ramsarup Is highly oversold on weekly charts and daily charts. Its around support zone in weekly charts. Stochastic getting flatten which is a...
Jay Chandran
31 sec read

Nifty turns to Sell Mode

Nifty is in sell mode on daily charts. Resistance comes near to 6123-6130 zone. Also nifty ends below 5 EMA line on weekly basis
Rajandran R
5 sec read

What does an Entrepreneurship actually mean? : Must Watch

Dont skip this or else you would be definitely gonna miss something in your life.
Rajandran R
6 sec read

Forex EOD Historical Data in ASCII and Amibroker format

The following end-of-day market data is provided free of charge for use in back-testing, charting, and analysis. All data is free to download and...
Rajandran R
26 sec read

Nifty Hourly trading for 10th Nov 2010

Last buy signal in nifty charts has been made on 1st Nov 2010 since then nifty is holding the hourly buy signal for the...
Rajandran R
10 sec read