Effective use of Volume At Price for Intraday Trading

Effective use of Volume At Price for Intraday Trading, Volume Analysis, High Volume Zone, Low Volume Zone, Peaks and Valleys in Volume.
Rishi Justfintech
3 min read

Online Gaming and Troubled Waters: Legality and Clarity

Online gaming is very often confused with online betting and the arrests made in the connection. Gambling laws are outdated and colonial in...
Vidhyaa Sree
1 min read

ZITIR – Insider Trading tool from Zerodha

ZITIR (Zerodha Insider Trading Impact Rating) is a sentiment analysis indicator and proprietary indicator from Zerodha derived from insider trading. It suggests what insiders...
Rajandran R
36 sec read

NinjaTrader version 7 is released!

Searching for a better trading system that comes at free of cost? Ninja Trader announced that it had released its free licensed version NT7....
Rajandran R
2 min read

Nifty Daily Ichimoku Cloud Update – 1st Dec 2010

Nifty Ichimoku charts are with sell signal since 12th Nov with trailing stop loss of 6082
Rajandran R
5 sec read

Will Dow Jones Break 11000?

Dowjones ends with sell signal as per 13-13 Wilders Channel offset trading system. The nature of the Wilders Channel offset trading system is that...
Rajandran R
13 sec read

GANN Daily Nifty Charts

Posting Gann Charts after a very long time.Chart shown that Gann supports near 5640-5660 zone
Rajandran R
4 sec read

Ichimoku Cloud Scanner v2.0 – AFL Code

The Demerit with the older version of Ichimoku cloud scanner is that there is too much of difference between the cloud(stop loss) and...
Rajandran R
1 min read

Check into December Option Series

December Options started with Heavy open Interest built up in puts witnessed in 5600PE with nearly 7,139,950 of contracts which highest among all the...
Rajandran R
16 sec read

The Finger Print of the God: Weekend Videos

Some Facts about Fibonacci Sequence...
Rajandran R
3 sec read

SDA2 Hourly Nifty Future charts

Hourly Nifty Future charts for the fans of SDA2 Trend trading system. Few more hourly charts are included for you reference about the trading...
Rajandran R
11 sec read

Visualizing 20 Day EMA

Are you trading/taking Buy or Sell decisions based on 20 day EMA. The below picture will tell you how 20 EMA is inefficient in...
Rajandran R
33 sec read