Harmonic Pattern

Bullish BAT Pattern in Hourly Cairn Charts

Hourly Carin Charts shows a potential short term trade setup with a bullish BAT Pattern. Bullish BAT pattern requires a smaller stop loss than...
Rajandran R
19 sec read

HUL Bullish butterfly gartley

Hindustan unilever likely to reverse after good amount of correction. Bullish butterfly  gartley pattern found on HUL daily charts . 225 as stop loss on...
Jay Chandran
10 sec read

Nifty Bank Futures Harmonic Pattern

  As mentioned by MGV in the comment coloumn, the harmonic patterns are changing continiously. And today it changes from Bearish Bat Pattern...
Rajandran R
14 sec read

Bearish BAT Pattern in Bank Nifty Futures

  15 min charts of Bank Nifty futures shows a bearish Bat Pattern(Harmonic Pattern) Which indicates a near term weakness. I’d like to...
Rajandran R
12 sec read

Aftermath : Petronet Bullish Crab Pattern

  Hmmm,,, Not bad 🙂 Tested 38.2%(Rs 72.28) and made a high of Rs72.70Chart shown : 15 min IEOD charts for Petronet Related...
Rajandran R
6 sec read

Observation – Bullish Crab Pattern in Petronet

  Iam very new to the concept called harmonic trading. Last night iwas just scrolling my Ami IEOD Charts using harmonic AFL andfound...
Rajandran R
29 sec read

Harmonic Patterns AFL Code for Amibroker

Harmonic Patterns are trend reversal patterns especially for the traders who want to master mean reversion aka trend reversal trade setups. Harmonic Patterns are...
Rajandran R
8 min read