Baltic Dry Index

Nifty and the Scary Baltic Dry Index

The Baltic Dry Index tracks the cost of shipping major raw materials (iron ore, coal, grain, cement, copper, sand and gravel, fertilizer and even...
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Baltic Dry Index Crashed more than 50%

Almost all the global stock markets are in the bullish mood especially Indian markets. But on the negative side the Baltic Dry Index, which...
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Should Nifty Traders take cues from Baltic Dry Index?

  Baltic Dry Index is often referred as the leading indicator of th economy. The index measures the demand for shipping capacity versus the...
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Nifty and MYself

Baltic Dry Index is Melting…..Crude is Sinking…..Commodities are dragging down…..Yen is Sinking……Dollar…. It is still a mystery   Iam really tired of Watching...
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Baltic Dry Index nears 200 day Moving Average

  Baltic Dry Index cracked as usual lost 3% more yesterday. But markets are looking fine uncorrelated with the markets. Baltic Dry Index...
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Short Overview of State of Nifty and Economy

  Everything remains the same — Reliance Lags Nifty — Nifty Wintess 3 Week Top Formation in Weekly Charts — Trin is above...
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Baltic Dry Index Crashing

  Baltic Dry index crashed nearly 40% right from june onwards despite global bullish sentiment with economic recovery. Source:
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NMA Buy/Sell Signals from Sensex

  NMA Strategy shows a sell signal in Sensex indicating a possible trend reversal. Buy Signal reversed after sensex closed at 15160. Now...
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Baltic Dry Index in Decline Mode

  Most of the metal,coal and shipping Stocks are Jumping higher. But Baltic Dry Index the leading indicator of global economy is constantly in...
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Baltic Dry Index – A Leading Economy Indicator

The Baltic Dry Index is a daily average of prices to ship raw materials. It represents the cost paid by an end customer to...
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