Aban Stock Review

  Aban Facing Resistance near 900 and 1006. Likely for form a head and shoulder pattern if resist near 1006 for a target...
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Aban Offshore Will it succeed?

  CMP : Rs 442 Technicals Bullish 20/50 day EMA crossover in Aban on daily charts. Its a crade buy with stop loss...
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Aban Offshore and Positve momentum Divergence

  CMP : Rs 473 Aban Offshore 5 day 1minute charts shows that a positive divergence formation possibly would end in breakout in...
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Aban OffShore and Fibonnaci Arc Charting Technicque

  Fibonacci arcs are a charting technique based on Fibonacci numbers, used to predict the future support and resistance levels for a financial...
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Aban Offshore Trading above resistance line

  This post is with respect to the last technical view on aban Aban Possibly a value investing pick  CMP : Rs 318.95...
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Fibonacci Retracement Calculator

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Pivot Point Calculator

The pivot point is the level at which the market direction changes for the day. Using some simple arithmetic and the previous days high,...
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Aban Offshore possibly a value investing pick now!!!

  Weekly charts of Aban shows a slide from 4500 levels to 231 levels. But Last week Aban Shows a High Volume activity last...
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Long Tail Down Pattern in Dow P&F Charts on…

  This pattern is recognized when the prices drop 20 boxes or more. Source:
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Double Bottom Breakdown in Dow P&F Charts

  Charts shown here is a Traditional 3Box reversal P&F(Point & Figure Charts) of Dow. Currently there is a Double Bottom Bearish Breakdown Pattern in...
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Bearish Triangle Breakdown in Dow Jones( P&F Charts)

  Dow Jone P&F Chart Shows that a major Bearish Traingle Breakdown in Dow.   Remember Last Signal from Dow was a High...
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P&F Charts for Dow: Example for High Pole Warning

Charts How here is P&F Charts for Dow   Dow Shows a P&F Warning on 11th December which is likely to be a...
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