Recent Updates about Amibroker Software, AFL codes and how to do concepts


Exploring Yahoo Realtime Data Feed

Here is an everyone's question. How to and from where to fetch intraday realtimedata feed. Here is the link where the yahoo finance offers...
Rajandran R
53 sec read

The Foundation by Southwind v-13.00 Int AFL Code

Here is an interesting and colourful AFL code. When i explored the AFL code it contains the Heiken Ashi candle and as usual ATR...
Rajandran R
1 min read

NMA Buy/Sell signal Bar replay Video for Nifty

Watch the Video in Youtube   Iam really bored with the market move. Its usually boring when the market is moving in a...
Rajandran R
30 sec read

NSE IEOD Database in Amibroker Format

   Download NSE IEOD database for Amibroker for the starting 01 March 2009 to 31st Dec 2009 File Size : 149 MB Steps to...
Rajandran R
25 sec read

Complete NSE EOD Database in Amibroker Format – Updated…

  Download Complete EOD database for Amibroker for the starting of NSE upto 31st Dec 2009 Steps to Setup the EOD database 1) Download the...
Rajandran R
19 sec read

Simple AFL code for 5 EMA(High-Low)

  Here the Idea is to design a basic 5 EMA(High-Low) system which could produce Buy/Sell Signals whenever the candle crosses the 5 EMA(High/Low)...
Rajandran R
56 sec read

Build your own IEOD Database : Video

Here is a simple video to demonstrate how to build an IEOD(intraday EOD Charts) NSE databasefor your Amibroker.   Watch the video in...
Rajandran R
10 sec read

My Quotes – Free Yahoo intraday Realtime data update…

  Here is an interesting light weight software(86.6kb) from volumedigger named My Quotes. This light weight software utility could be used to update your...
Rajandran R
47 sec read

Harmonic Patterns AFL Code for Amibroker

  Harmonic Patterns Today I was searching for an AFL code which could interpret Harmonic pattern like AB=CD, Gartely, Crab, Bat and Butterfly and...
Rajandran R
14 sec read

Using Split and Merge in Amibroker

How to get Split and Bonus Adjusted Reliance Chart in Amibroker   Step 1: Open Amibroker and Select NSE/BSE EOD Historical Database Step 2: Select Historical Chart of...
Rajandran R
42 sec read

Coppock, Nifty and the AFL code

  Here is the Formulas to calculate the coppock indicator extracted from incredible charts To calculate the Coppock Value: 1)Calculate 14 month Rate of...
Rajandran R
52 sec read

Download Guppy Count Back Trailing Stop Loss Plugin for…

    Recent Guppy Trailing Stop loss Chart for Nifty Hourly chart suggests Stop loss near 5121. Hold longs only if 5121 holds on hourly...
Rajandran R
1 min read