SK Biswal

  Chief Engineer at ONGC. Interested in Stock option trading ,Technical Analysis of Stocks & Commodities


20 Stories by SK Biswal

Fundamentals Check – As a Load And Leverage Test Of Stocks

Fundamental benchmarking of any stock is about assessment of the Relative cost and benefit before making a trading or specially...
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Time Machine – Relative Time Vs Relative Price

.Time demonstrates its power to bring certain far reaching transformation on our life and therefore its potential could be harnessed...
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The Positive Feedback System and Random Systems – Part-I

In this article our guest author explained Positive feedback system concept using the recent Anglo Irish Bank scandal and how executives face 16...
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Callibration and Measurement of Power Rating of Stocks

In any industry it is always critical to calibrate any equipment or measuring tools which are in application of process.This is crucial to...
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Find Your Edge Before You Trade.

Edge plays as a significant parameter in finance and gambling or in any form of betting games.In Trading and Insurance ,it finds vital applications...
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Risk Management- Conveyor Belt Processing of Trades.

Greed does make all of us to be attracted to all kinds of rewards or opportunities our luck or life tosses at us.We tend...
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Greedy For Risk? Contrarian Approach a Good Rational Strategy

Its an example .At the outset I don’t endorse betting and gambling.Take one example of one of IPL matches of last season.In a match...
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Dalal street handicapped with no long term trust capital

Literally speaking ,if you are not careful and mindful in any money dealings be it with auto or taxi driver. electrician, plumber even vegetable...
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