Rajandran R Founder of Marketcalls and Co-Founder Algomojo. Full-Time Derivative Trader. Expert in Designing Trading Systems (Amibroker, Ninjatrader, Metatrader, Python, Pinescript). Trading the markets since 2006. Mentoring Traders on Trading System Designing, Market Profile, Orderflow and Trade Automation.

MT4 Plugin for Amibroker

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MT4 Modified plugin file attached here with check it out. This is the older post but brought up on readers request

Do you ever tried testing of real time charts in your Amibroker Software.
If not then try start with MT4 Plugin for Amibroker to analyse live forex data.

All you need to do is
1)Download Meta Trader 4
2)Install it in your windows system and open a demo account with metatrader
3)Download MT4 Plugin for Amibroker

Download MT4 Plugin

Follow the procedure to setup live forex data in Amibroker
After Downloading MT4 Plugin

1.Copy MT4d.dll to C:Program FilesAmiBrokerPlugins
2.Copy RateServer.exe to C:Program FilesAmiBroker
3.Open dos prompt and enter command
[cd C:Program FilesAmiBroker] [rateserver.exe /regserver] 4.Copy exp.dll to C:Program FilesMetaTrader 4expertslibraries
5.Copy exp.mqh to C:Program FilesMetaTrader 4expertsinclude
click exp.mqh and compile
6.Copy exportfb.mq4 to C:Program FilesMetaTrader 4experts
click exportfb.mq4 and compile
7.Run metatrader4, then RateServer is displayed in tasktray
Run PluginAB Expert Advisor
* check Allow DLL imports

8.Run Amibroker

9.Click Amibroker and click [File]-[Database setting] select Datasource MetaTrader4 data Plug-in

and set Base time interval – 1Minute or Hourly or EOD

10.[Symbol]-[New] add symbol

11. On the Bottom Right corner of Amibroker there is a provision to enable
mt4 plugin which is in WAIT status by default. Just change the status to

Now Its all Done and now you can see charts updating live forex data in your Amiborker Software

Rajandran R Founder of Marketcalls and Co-Founder Algomojo. Full-Time Derivative Trader. Expert in Designing Trading Systems (Amibroker, Ninjatrader, Metatrader, Python, Pinescript). Trading the markets since 2006. Mentoring Traders on Trading System Designing, Market Profile, Orderflow and Trade Automation.

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99 Replies to “MT4 Plugin for Amibroker”

  1. Rajandran,Many thanks for this. Wondering is it possible to develop a simple excel based trading system sri

  2. I have downloaded it–but after extraction–my A/V system is detecting a Server.exe malware–although it may ba false alarm or may not damage AMI/MT4 file–please confirm me–is it absolutely safe–???Presently I am using QT plugin for AMI(Live Yahoo NSE SPOT INDEX)–subhamedicalsjpg@gmail.com

  3. Should I add an exception for this MT4 plug-in in my Mcafee A/V–because Rateserver.exe is being deleted automatically by the Mcafee System—-

  4. Hello–Raj–I am waiting for your response–should I ignore this rateserver.exe virus/malware-Trojan Type warning & go on to install it in my system–Please confirm.

  5. Rate Server is not an virus… It just extracts the data from metatrader and feed into amibroker

  6. Can you please specify the settings to be made on the rate server window, i.e Port: and data_count

  7. i m not able to configuire meta trader to amibroker. i do whole process, all things is correct but script not added in rateserver task tray.

  8. I am running windows Vista 64 bit with Amibroker 5.2 Professional . I installed the plug in as instructed with no problems. What I did notice is that when I checked the database settings configuration area the server information was blank with a port setting of 1950. All the plug in will do is show “wait” upon starting then no change. I then try to “connect” with the server but it then reads error. Can you help?
    Thanks, William

  9. i m not able to configuire meta trader to amibroker. i complete the whole process, all things is correct but script not added in rateserver task tray.

  10. It is working but Metrader4 shows a crash message after 30-45 min. I have requested to you please guide.Thanks

  11. sorry for another comment, plugin status is not visible in amibroker, when i hover around plugin status area, it say no status available.

  12. Sir,

    I have followed the entire process mentioned for MT4 but not able to connect the.

    1. I can’t see any task bar in mt4

    Please help .

  13. Dear SIR ,
    The drawback of Patterns is that they get extended as the price rise or fall further after the pattern has been made , be it a 5 min, 15 min or hrly chart .
    For eg. a bearish pattern is made at 5900 nifty , but as nifty extends further to 5940 , the pattern does not change but the pattern gets extended . Any way out in such a case ?

  14. Hi, I’m not very computer literate, I couldn’t enter and save the DOS commands.

    I’m running Vista, could anyone tell me the exact step by step way to enter and save them?


  15. I tried the plugin and i completed all the steps.However when i click on the symbol in ami it doesnt show me any chart.It is showing not enough data available. I just want to see intraday charts.


  16. Actually finally i got the data but the data is only coming for USDJPY rest any symbol i tried, data is not coming for them.


  17. SIR


  18. sir i try to mt4 plugin set but command not set pls help me on command set up me all seting only problem at command

  19. I tried the plugin and i completed all the steps.However when i click on the symbol in ami it doesnt show me any chart.It is showing not enough data available pls help me “no charts will display in ami”

  20. Hi Sir,

    I have followed all the steps above. But when i tried to connect amibroker between meta with timeframe 15 minute, it couldn’t work.
    In Ami, I have already changed the plugin status from WAIT to OK. I use Windows 7
    Could u help me Sir?

    Thanks in advance.

  21. i got errror while registring in dos mode is got error msgs “unexpacted quiting”
    is there any solution??????????????????????????????

  22. Sir is it possible to convert MT4 indicators to AFL for amibroker ?
    if yes, then pls provide me… I want DODA-STOCHASTIC. and I want ring alert window if any buy or sell signal generate for any commodity/nifty..
    Thanx in advance

    1. Only those who have good programming & analystical skills can do this. There are no auto tools to convert from mql4 to amibroker as of now in the market.


  24. Sir, Only EURUSD is updating prices but others like Comex Gold or Silver prices are not updating in Amibroker….. Please Help me……..

  25. Sir, i have the same problem with kamal. i only see the connection OK, but NO candle stick appear on my amibrokers.
    what should i do ? thanks

  26. finally it’s working. in symbol, just type EURUSD. and set your database setting with your timeframe.

  27. @Rajandran …… I am using Windows Vista 32 bit. Does MT4 to Amibroker Plugin support Vista platform ?
    What i observed is that data sometimes comes in Amibroker but then suddently MT4 hangs or gets closed. Is there any specific change required. Sometimes data is downloaded sometimes not…. I am not able to find out the exact reason for the problem.

  28. Hello,

    Thanks for offering this plugin.

    I’m using this plugin for some time, It works OK, while somewhat slow (perhaps my indicators have part of the responsability …)

    I’d like to upgrade to amibroker 64 bits version, but amibroker webpage states:

    old 32 bit plugins do not work with 64 bit applications

    Do you have plans to write a 64 bits version of your plugin?


  29. Hi Rajendran,

    I have followed the complete steps. After adding the symbol in Ami, i clicked on the plugin and changed it from waiting to connect. For a moment it shows “Conneced , ok” then immediately goes into “Err” mode and displays a message saying that “Plugin status disconnected”. All my settings are correct.

    Please help me.


  30. Dear Rajendran,

    Please help how to get this corrected in Amibroker as i am getting plugin disconnected status.
    Moreover, the quotes are not displayed in rateserver.


  31. Hello Rajendaran,

    Do you have any mt4 indicator for which you are charging fees and not available on your blog for free?
    if yes, please provide details for the same.

    Awaiting your response in this regards.


  32. Hello sir. I got the chart. but it is not being updated. It is not running. Do you have any idea about this. I mean what kind of problem it is?

  33. i have done all the process said but the data is not streaming.
    the rate of particular securities is still its not updating

  34. Hi Rajendran,
    I did all the process & its running also. Best wishes for your work. I have another query here,
    Will it be possible to download 1 min. historic data from MT4 and continue with live data from that point. e.g. If I download .csv files from MT4 for October month till last 1 min back and continue from that point. Will the live data, will it show chart properly?


  35. Plz Sir .Need your help. Getting this error and result MT4 Crash. 2012.11.14 10:55:04 exportFB NZDUSD,Daily: function ‘SetRateArray’ call from dll ‘exp.dll’ critical error e06d7363 at 7C812AFB.

  36. 12:33:54 exportFB NZDUSD,Daily: function ‘SetRateArray’ call from dll ‘exp.dll’ critical error c0000005 at 7C9113F7.

  37. Hello,
    This error
    function ‘SetRateArray’ call from dll ‘exp.dll’ critical error c0000005 at 7C9113F7.

    is due to the new rev of MetaTrader 4.00 Built 445.

    It is possible to have the source code of EXP.DLL ?

  38. Can we connect MT4 and Excel. I want to import MT4 charts and indicators in excel. Is it possible.

  39. I have an excel file which imports data from tradetiger and feeds to amibroker.Do you have any plugin for this data? I want it because Amibroker does not display time and sales window as it is not recognizing the data as real time data.please let me know.Thanks

  40. hi rajan
    is there any way to feed data to mt4 from ami..on real time data or real feed to mt4 chart?

  41. i go through all setting you told , but when i click on connect my amibroker get close ,
    what problem it has ? can u help me out sir ji ?
    i am using win 7.

  42. sir ji , i go through all setting as you given . but i cant back fill historical data . it show data from when i start my system . please tell me what to do . all setting is ok . rate change in live is correctly .only i can’t back fill historical data.

    waiting for you reply soon .

  43. sir,
    im using mt4 demo version, and today the chart moving has been stopped. i restart the system but the chart is not moving. what should i do sir?

  44. Please update this plugin. It not working with Metatrader 6xx.

    the changes Metatrader 6xx are:

    The MetaQuotes unveiled the latest update of the trading platform MetaTrader 4, Build 600. Because this information may Specialists Consultants (Expert Advisors – EA) which use to be affected due to change language and change location specific folders .

    In order to avoid problems in the conduct of your commercial transactions , we recommend that you save your EA and Indicators in your new folder which is located in : XM MT4> MQL4> Experts / Indicators.

    The next step you should do is make sure that the EA and Indicators you are still compatible with the upgrade. To do this you must ask for the latest version of the source code from the provider of your EA . If you created your EA code yourself , please follow the steps below :

    Open XM MT4 platform
    From the main menu go to Tools> MetaQuotes Language Editor
    In the new window that appears , go to View> Navigator
    Locate your EA and double click on it to display the code
    Click on the Compile toolbar . You will see a confirmation message dialog Toolbox at the bottom.
    Once complete, please close and reopen the trading platform XM MT4. If you encountered an error, the EA should function normally.

  45. before this upgrade in MT4 i use this EA . it is easily working but now a days i cant get data in ami . dont know waht is problem , please help me out from this , so that i can get data in ami. and trade in forex . thanks in advance ………….

  46. Does this plugin copy historical data too from MT4 to Amibroker? Or it only copies the live feed?

  47. hello,
    rajendran maine mt4 plugin ko jaise kaha gaya vaise pura setup kiya hain lekin fir bhi data nahi aa raha hian amibrker me kkuch samaj nahi aa rahain kripya madat kare..ya aapka phon no.dijiye main aapse bat karunnga is bare me

  48. array reference can be fixed with adding & to double
    double& [][6] within the mqh file fixed the error for me.

  49. i am a novice in computer i entered dos prompt command it is saying [cd is not recognized as internal command, i am doing something wrong

  50. After new release update of metatrader which changed expert advisor button to auto trading, the plugin is not working any more. Please advise.

  51. hello sir,
    i have mt4 chart but i can,t identify trend manully it could,nt help me . sir i have ami broker software how to add mt4 plugin name (planet care) to amibroker its possible to do this step please help me

  52. MT4D.dll needs a 64-bit version. I’m not trying to be wise, but is it really that hard to simply compile it for 64-bit? Thanks.

  53. Hi, first , thanks ,

    when i finish all STEEPS, all work good and run CONECTED GREEN but, … not data loading just black

  54. Hi the same. Everything done, green connected and noe feed data. When it is possibility to upgrade it?

  55. i have seen this mt4 plugin for ami broker and to watch live data for comex. like that any mt4 plugin is available simply to take trades in odin or nest with id password in mt4 and do trades in mt4 will consider in odin or nest.. every one are asking huge amount for bridging software …. if any idea means please share .. i have searched more than one year but none are satisfied..

  56. 3.Open dos prompt and enter command
    [cd C:Program FilesAmiBroker] [rateserver.exe /regserver]

    Not understood EXPLAIN STEP BY STEP

  57. when i finish all STEEPS, all work good and run CONECTED GREEN but, … not data loading just black

  58. It is showing Unexpected Error Occurred: Quitting on using cmd Rateserver.exe /rateserver

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