Webinar : Learn Amibroker AFL Coding with Marketcalls


Its time to learn something new. Yes we are launching our first webinar on 7th March 2015 (IST). In this session you will be learning how to create custom indicators and scans using Amibroker. If you are a Amibroker user and want to learn one step further then this session is for you.

Analysis : High Probability Long in Nifty Futures?

High Probability buy

Nifty Daily charts shows that very recently 10 day auto correlation turned positive and the smooth RSI oscillator indicates trend strength is accelerating. And hourly charts also turned to positional buy trend with hourly supports coming around 8671. One has to exit their long if the autcorrelation turns negative or the Smooth oscillator turn down below 50 on EOD basis.

Nifty Future Weekly Observation 02nd March 2015

Nifty future

What a roller coaster ride on Saturday the Union Budget special session. It was a session of euphoria, panic & stress for many and in the mean time it was a day of joy for few.The market on event day witnessed sharp whipsaws in nifty and banknifty all day before finally making a close at 8964.65.

Nifty future Intraday Observation- Budget 2015 Special

nifty budget 2015

Nifty recovered all the correction made during the first four days of the week on friday’s trading session. After opening at 8769 it was just a one way move slow and steady and picking up pace in the later half of the day making intraday high of 8900 and the closing at 8889.95 almost near the highest point of the day.

Railway Budget 2015 – Key Highlights


On Thursday, Railways Minister, Suresh Prabhu, Introduced his first budget in the Parliament. No rise in the passenger rail fares caught the limelight. With others there were so many new points added that it brought out both, good and bad responses from people as well as opposition. Mr. Prabhu made it very clear with the budget that this year it would be all about rectifying faults and replacements and repairs but no new trains this year. He completely focused on the modernizing old networks and improving facilities for millions of consumer.

Stocks to Watch out on Union Budget 2015


In My last article, I mentioned about trading budget and market related to budget. In this one I will shed light on the stocks in my radar screen which I feel would provide some trade opportunities post budget.

Am I a Genius or a Fool?


For most people, it is not easy taking a loss and there is a strong tendency to “book profits” whenever you get profits. Unfortunately, this approach will never help you earn big money and more often you will see that after running a lot you are still in the same place. Your broker has however been earning slowly but steadily.

RRG Graph Using Market Analyst to Study Indian Sectors

Indian Sectors - RRG Graph

Budget 2015 event is nearing and it is time to study which is the best sector to invest. We use RRG Graph to study the Relative Study and Relative momentum with Indian sectors using S&P Nifty as benchmark index. This video tutorial will provide you interesting insights about RRG Study and it attempts to identify the strong sectors with strong momentum. And also we study we are the sector to avoid investing in the near term.

THETA TRADING : Practical Approach to Trade Options Using Time Decay


Time decay can be a wonderful thing for the option seller. In fact, it is the driving force behind the so-called ‘income-generating’ strategies. The trader holds a position, waits, and then exits with a nice profit. When the position is market-neutral, and when the market behaves, all gains can be attributed to the magic of time decay.