Now Amiquote 3.10 supports Quandl as Datafeed

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Amiquote V3.1 is a companion program to AmiBroker stock charting/analysis software. Amiquote simplifies with automation of downloading financial data from the various datafeed sources like google finance(EOD & Intraday), yahoo(EOD and Intraday) finance, MSN. And very recently Amibroker had came up with a upgraded version which auto downloads EOD dataset from Quandl.

Crude Technical Analysis – Continue Holding Support.

crude 4 hr

Crude continue trading in tight range after finding a support just under $90 mark as mention in our last article. Last few days trading showing a slow down in downside movement while the construction of positive candlestick pattern with continue positive divergence suggesting a bounce ahead. A lower trend line support of minor descending channel still favor shot covering.

Shopper Stop : Long Term Outlook


Shopper stop limited made an technical bullish breakout from triangle formation past week. The stock made its life time high at 572+ and closed the week at 547.25. The last candle is highly bullish candle and had closed above its trend line resistance on breakout which indicates the continuation of trend in the stock in coming weeks and months.

How to Setup and Run Amibroker in Amazon AWS Cloud


Here is a Video tutorial which explains how to Create a Virtual Instance in Amazon AWS cloud , How to Launch a Virtual Instance and How to Run Amibroker in Amazon Cloud (Windows Virtual Instance). Amazon provide a 750 hours of free AWS EC2 micro Instance(Windows,Linux) for the first time users.

Study Of Common Investment Habits


The core challenge as an investor is setting aside instinctive physiological and emotional responses at the root of our brain’s decision-making processes. Though they are perfectly suited to protect us from physical harm, they have little value in modern investing

E-Will – Now Make Your Will Online


National Securities Depository Limited or NSDL e-Governance Infrastructure and HDFC Securities have joined hands with Warmond Trustees and Executors to introduce the e-Will services. This was launched last month to support various customers to prepare their Will without going to a lawyer.