Amibroker AFL Programming 2015 – Bangalore Workshop

You know that Amibroker is one of the best tool to create custom trading strategies, Signal Generation , Performing Technical analysis and even test/validate your trading models. At Marketcalls we use AFL Programming extensively to create Complex Custom Indicators, Trading Strategies, Trading Dashboard, Buy & Sell Signal Models. If you want to learn Amibroker and AFL Programming Language one step better then this course is for you.

More Volatility Ahead in September Future Series

Last week nifty futures opened gap down at 8010.1 and crashed -5.9% last monday. The next day nifty made a panic intraday bottom at 7665 followed by a sharp recovery to test 8125 during the same week. Volatility in the market inclined up and it is expected to continue in the near future. Naked option writers has to be cautious as the risk reward ratio with a given volatility is very low at this point.

Live NSE Currency Derivatives – Futures and Option Charts

We are proud to launch Live NSE Currency Derivatives – Futures and Option Charts (USDINR, EURINR, GBPINR, JPYINR Futures and Options) with lots of technical indicators and Interactiveness. Now one can track the currency future markets on the go with greater control over the technical indicators.

Indian Stock Market Crash 2015

It is a Black Monday for Indian Stock Markets and other world markets crashed as global stocks and commodities extended last week’s steep declines. Nifty and Sensex Crashed around 5.92% and 5.94% respectively. Nifty lost nearly 494 points, Bank Nifty around 1298 points (-7.19%) and Sensex around 1624 points. In the Equity Market FII’s sold Rs -5275.40 Cr worth of stocks and DII’s Bought Rs 4097.83 Cr worth of equities. Chinese Market Sell of Followed by European and US stock Exchanges are the key trigger for Indian Stock Market Crash.

The Dunning-Kruger Effect : What Differentiates Novice and Expert Traders?

The confidence level exhibited by the unskilled trader who is new to the market is enormous in most of the cases and after few trades they will start behaving like an expert. Most of the traders who are young to financial markets would have experienced such tremendous confidence in financial markets during their initial stage of trading/investing.

Meetup : Learn the Financial Roadmap to Grow Your Money

Join the discussion with Mr. Raju Angadi Vishwanath, about Financial Roadmap to Grow Your Money. Raju Angadi Vishwanath, B.E., MS, CMT, is an experienced Technical Analyst with 5+ years industry experience in Financial Markets advising and trading Equities, Commodities and Currencies and Chartered Market Technician (CMT) from Market Technician Association (MTA), USA

Nifty and Bank Nifty August Futures Mid Month Review

Nifty and Bank Nifty August Futures Daily Sentiment turned positive on friday. India’s July WPI inflation figures came at -4.05% YoY Vs June WPI was -2.40%. Despite the Chinese Yuan Devaluation and weaker USDINR sentiment market rallied from the lows on positive IIP figures ( grew 3.8%) and possible rate cut sentiment due to negative inflation growth.

Market Profile – Spike and Spike Rules

Welcome to Market Profile Series. In the last tutorial we seen Market Profile Open Type and Confidence and this tutorial we will be discussing about What is Spike & Spike Rules. By observing Spike action in market and the next days follow through price action one can determine whether the previous days spike action is false move to confuse the traders or it is going to create a sustainable trend towards the spike direction.

Interactive Charts – NSE Cash Realtime Charts

We are proud to launch NSE Cash Market (Equities and Index) realtime charts with lots of technical indicators. Now one can track 1500+ nse equity charts on the go with greater control over the technical indicators. Last year we launched Interactive – NSE FNO realtime charts (more than 30,000 symbols) and NSE Cash and Futures EOD (Full historical right from the start of NSE). After a massive feedback from the traders we thought of moving one step ahead.

Nifty and Bank Nifty August 2015 Overview

Daily Sentiment is Positive in Nifty futures and in Bank Nifty futures. However RBI policy announcement on 4th Aug will dictate the trend. Any Interest rate cut might induce negative sentiment in the markets. Net FII (FPI) investment in Equity market stood at 5,319 crore in July. It should be noted that FPI are net sellers and pulled 9112 crores from equity market during the month of May and June 2015.

Things You Need to Know About Six Sigma Events in Stock Markets

Unexpected events in financial markets is referred to as ‘Six sigma’ or ‘six standard deviation’. A huge fall or a sudden rise, which is anything that is not ordinary. In historical terms, six sigma events are those which makes the market to drop down in red more than 9.5%  a day. Theoretically a six sigma event happens once in 796 years, but not in practical.

Market Profile Open Type and Confidence

Welcome to Market Profile Series. In the last tutorial we seen How to Play 80 Percentage Rule and this tutorial we will be discussing about the profile open types and the other timeframe traders confidence. Reading the profile right from the market day open gives more confidence to a day trader towards trade conviction. The confidence level of the Other timeframe trader (Long Term or Positonal trader) can be analysed through market opening.