Amibroker Technical Analysis Workshop – Coimbatore

We are proud to host in-depth two day Amibroker workshop in Coimbatore on Technical Analysis . It is not the usual seminar to market one’s own product and strategies. It is all about taking that extra step to discover, know and share the trading ideas, challenges and Trading Discipline.


India VIX the short term Multibagger

On 6th March India VIX volatility index achieves the all time low of 12.5 since then within a short span of time scales to above 30 due to the upcoming election results which creates too much of expectation among the option traders. India VIX had risen more than 100% since 6th March 2014. And the election results are likely to be announced on 16th March till then markets are expected to be in sideways mode.


Mumbai Amibroker Workshop – Photo Gallery

First of all I personally thank Symphony Fintech group (Praveen Gupta-CEO , Mr. JP Gupta-Director, Mr. Goel, Shantanu Unni) for providing lots of insights on Execution Algorithms.Apart from discussing lots of system trading concepts we are able to understand how Execution algorithms plays a major role in Autotrading.


Overview – Crowd Funding in India

As compared to the foreign markets including the US, the UK and China, crowd-funding is in a budding stage in India. But due to the excessive usage of social media platforms, this technique to gathering funds have gained importance in India too to back up creative campaigns and help entrepreneurs to shape up their ideas.


Nearing Elections and Raising India VIX

As elections are nearing the volatility in the past days keep raising constantly and Currently VIX Index is around around 29, During last 2009 Elections it rose to over 50 by mid-April and averaged over 50 till the election results were announced on 17 May 2009.


Winning Zero Sum Game

Both poker and trading are amazingly similar in that you are either playing in to someone's edge or vice versa.Indices of market or price action are secondary to alignment of motives and behavior of other traders Vis a Vis your trade .


Natural Gas – Downside/Sideways Move to Continue.

Now natural gas is trading around $4.49 & as we can see on charts, natural gas continue trading in a minor downside channel & touching the top line of descending channel which was able to stop the rally 2 times earlier. At the same time this area is just below 38.2% february correction level as well as indicators are turning negative.


Bank of India’s Instant Money Transfer Explained

Bank of India has come along with Instant Money Transfer facility wherein any individual without having bank account or debit card can use their ATM’s to withdraw cash. This is for the first time in India, that any bank has come up with such a facility to withdraw cash without any bank account.

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Indian Elections 2014 Explained – Infographic

Indians have begun voting in the world's biggest election, with the ruling Congress party pitted against the Hindu nationalist BJP opposition.The nine-phase ballot begins on Monday and concludes on 12 May. Votes will be counted on 16 May.More than 800 million Indians are eligible to vote in a poll dominated by corruption and high inflation. Checkout the more Interesting Videographic from Financial Times on Indian Elections 2014


Integrating Amibroker with Python COM Server

In this tutorial we will discuss how to Integrate Amibroker with Python COM server to create complex trading systems.Python is a open source language similar to C,C++ and it has tons of open source their party modules for financial computings and implementing statistical models.


Bank Nifty shows sign of Reversal?

Banknifty Spot on the hourly chart is in buy mode since 17th Feb 2014 and the prolong buy mode continues so far with the support zone coming close to 12477. And the momentum in Banknifty turned negative since 11st April,the RBI announcement of policy rates kept unchanged. Banknifty will enter into the positional sell mode if the support breaks on the hourly charts.

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Nifty and Bank Nifty Future April Overview – II

Currently nifty maintains the positional buy mode on the hourly charts with support zone comes around 6711. Reverse your position to positional sell mode if the support breaks on the hourly charts. On Contrary Bank Nifty enters the positional sell mode after RBI keeping policy rates unchanged. Currently the resistance zone comes around 12853 reverse your position to positional buy mode if the resistance breaks on the upper side.


Triple Momentum Strategy is from Gerald Appel, introduced in his 2005 book, "Technical Analysis: Power Tools for Active Investors." It's included on pages 58-63 of his book. That section is headed, "The Triple Momentum Nasdaq Index Trading Model." Gerald Appel, is also probably best known for his creation - Moving Average Convergence Divergence (MACD).


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