William VIX FIX Indicator – Amibroker AFL Code

William VIX FIX Indicator

We know that VIX most of the time reflects the investor/traders sentiment. When VIX is higher it means lot of fear in the market and lower VIX indicates lack of fear in the market. The problem is the sentiment can be measured only Indices like Nifty as the Volatility Index VIX is derived from implied volatility of Options. In such a vase VIX FIX comes handy to replicate the VIX behaviour in other instruments like Commodities, Forex, Stocks.

Crowd Sentiment & Trading against them


Why crowd goes together – humans nature is such that most people need to be emotionally secure in their decisions, which is precisely why they get pulled along with herd, and they chose to ignore the history , even their own trade setups/plans and thus capitulate to the herd mentality.

Nifty and Bank Nifty Futures – Mid December Overview

Bank Nifty Hourly

Nifty futures and Bank Nifty futures taken a steep fall from the peak and so far nifty is leading the fall compared to Bank Nifty futures. Current resistance zone on the hourly charts comes around 8287 and 18572. Closing above the resistance levels might turn the trend towards the upper side.

Interactive Web Charts – Open Beta


Whenever we are coming up with a Trading solution for retail traders we make sure that the solution is interesting , meaningful and interactive as much as possible. And this time we want to do one step better in providing interactive charting functionality to our beloved readers to use the edge in the market at the fullest extent.

Three Price action Rules for Profitable Trading


Price action is a study of technical analysis that can bring quite a bit of benefit to the trader. By focusing on price and price alone, investigating previous movements and how markets have reacted – traders can look to get the cleanest technical picture of a given market that might be available.

Nifty Weekly Observation 15-Dec-2014


As analysed and shared in previous weekly report the short term trend for market is down and its been a sell on rally since it broke the levels of 8550. This past week nifty future faced extreme selling pressure and closed the week at 8276.90 after making low 8266 just around the closing point of the week. This indicates further bearishness in the markets.

5 Ways to Improve your Trading Performance today


Markets are complicated. Market analysis is complicated. Developing a trading method certainly can be complicated. But trading cannot be complicated. The act of placing trades and evaluating results must be as streamlined and simplified as possible. Here are a few suggestions for things you can do today, with investing an enormous amount of time and energy, to improve your trading or investing.

Nifty December Future Weekly Observation – Wealthcreator


Nifty future made low 8540 and closed the week at 8582.55 Till if remains below 8630 the short term trend will remain down. The next support for the market is at 8530 below which expect correction up to 8420. The weekly trend for nifty turned negative. The momentum indicator RSI has also turned downwards direction.

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