Nifty Future October Expiry Overview


Nifty Future closed the week at 8023.5 on Diwali mahurat trading session. the market has seen a sharp reversal from lows of 7752 and with positive global cues the index has managed a strong up run in short term. Majority of moves have happened with gap up’s in the same.

Last Five Trades Result Dashboard – AFL code

Nifty Futures Dashboard

Here is simple visualization to look into the past five trades result and plot the values over the chart which gives a quick view on how the strategy performed in the last five trades. In this AFL example we had created the dashboard for simple MACD crossover. And the dashboard doesnt include current open positions and only include last five closed positions.

Emotional Trading Vs Rational Method Of Trading.


Most of us invest based on our gut feeling or intuition also called instinctive impulses.Psychological factors such as greed ,fear ,hope and pride or Ego dominate our investing decisions.We sometimes go by tips or advice of some body or jump with news on TV or news papers.Our assumption of certainty of outcome is based on knowledge gained from various sources which we tend to believe or just give a try.This is irrational investing process as certainty of outcome is based on our belief of information where outcome is always binary and not predictable.

Things to Consider Before Creating your Own Trading Strategy


Backtesting and Optimization to be pretty much essential step in trading strategy development. If the strategy is not performing well in the backtest results we can skip the system and move on to the next one. But if the backtest results are good then one should be extra cautious as most of the times backtesting your own Trading Strategy might give interesting results. However when comes to practical trading the scenario might be completely different and most of the times it results in a poor performance or lower than the expected backtest results.

Nifty and Bank Nifty Futures Positional Trend Update


Nifty Futures continues its positions sell mode right from 24th September onwards and currently the resistance zone comes around 7997 .Reverse your position to positional buy mode if the resistance breaks on the hourly charts.. On Contrary Bank Nifty futures maintains the Positional Buy mode and currently the support zone comes around 15349. Reverse your position to positional sell mode if the support breaks on the hourly charts.

3 Old School Methods That Still Beats the Market


When it comes to 21st century financial markets,The complexity takes a heavy toll when you scroll down the list of market participants all you notice is the emerging linear changes that keeps the market evolving from phase to phase. After bubble,technology played a big role in transforming marketplaces,auction facilities and order flow transmittation from open out cry towards computer screening.

Gold Rally Could Continue.


Gold (16.10.2014) traded higher as per our article published on sep. 24th & reach to $1240 mark with some if & but. This time lets start with some economic fundamentals, US doing with as far as economic data concern while a continue fall in equity market in this week may showing an effect of end of QE3. Euro area facing major hurdles in economic while china continue showing weak data with slowing economy activity.

Trading Economic Indicators : CPI Inflation


Trading Inflation CPI number is very big fundamental economics indicator for trading NSE.But according to our complete analysis it shows. Trading on CPI number depends upon various factors i.e expectation of market CPI Number & Its future projection for Year by Top Investing companies & Stable Govt. & their policies.

Is Solar Power a “Good” Investment?


The idea that solar power may soon be everywhere isn’t nutty anymore. The price of solar panels has plunged more than 80 percent in the past five years and is expected to keep falling.Global output from photovaltics,panels that convert light directly into electricity, has increased 40 percent every year for the past decade.

Why To Check For Personal Loan Eligibility Conditions?


Rita Ghosh was short of INR 50,000/- to complete her purchases for her wedding trousseau. Yet, she had exhausted her existing financial resources and reached well over her credit limit to fulfil her wishes. That’s when someone suggested a personal loan to make her a happy bride. Upon considering various loan options, she decided to go with her bank where she receives her monthly salary.