Nifty and Bank Nifty August Expiry Trend Update

Bank Nifty Spot

Nifty still holds the Positional Buy mode with the support coming around 7824. However Bank Nifty in the second session of of tuesday’s trading turned to positional sell mode and the resistance zone coming close to 15969. Reverse your position if the supports/resistance breaks on the hourly charts.

Exploring Different Areas Associated With FPO


The term of FPO is quite prevalent in the present time. However, there are many who are yet to have a clear view of this aspect. FPO stands for Follow-on Public Offer. This is a way through which the listed companies can raise capital. The money is raised from the public and is referred to as the further public offer.

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Bank Nifty – August Expiry Overview

bank nifty

Bank nifty closed the week on positive note after making intraday high of 15745 bank nifty closed the week at 15828.30. Now week starting from 25 August 2014, Monday 15695 is the support for bank nifty. If market is unable to sustain below this level and cross 15775 expect a rally for 16000 and higher in coming sessions.

Will Nifty Keep The Uptrend Intact?

Open Interest

This week is expiry for derivative markets with dried up volatility and Nifty spot managed to close above 7900 on weekly basis for the very first time .India’s Q2 GDP data and Fiscal Deficit data(Macro Economic data) scheduled during this week on August 29. So far FII’s had more close to Rs 98,802 crore this year in bond market compared to Rs 76,705 crore in equity market.

Layman’s Guide To The World Of Insider Trading

SEBI Insider Trading Definition

In the world of investment, the term of insider trading has created quite a buzz. It is a word that can be commonly heard from the investors. Well, this is such a term which means selling of the stock of a company with which the individual is associated. The transaction can be conducted by the officers, employees and the directors that are associated with the company in question.

How Not To End Your Trading Career Untimely.


Nineteen-year-old Monty spent the afternoon day-trading penny stocks because his prefrontal cortex isn’t yet fully developed and he couldn’t recognize risk-reward trade-offs if they hit him in the face. This introduces to dangers and demands of trading on your finances and personal health ,spirit and wellbeing which most traders are not even aware.