Understanding Discount Brokers in India

Full-service stock brokers and discount brokers are two types of brokerage firms that offer different levels of service and fees to clients who want...
Rajandran R
3 min read

Algomojo is Now Available for Zerodha Users with Enhanced…

It is a long-awaited request from the users. Yes from today onwards Zerodha Users can access Algomojo to implement their automated trading strategies. Lifetime...
Rajandran R
5 min read

ZITIR – Insider Trading tool from Zerodha

ZITIR (Zerodha Insider Trading Impact Rating) is a sentiment analysis indicator and proprietary indicator from Zerodha derived from insider trading. It suggests what insiders...
Rajandran R
36 sec read

Zerodha Trader Plugin for AmiBroker

Currently traders maintain non-connected setups for technical analysis and trading. Whenever a trading signal triggers in the charting platform, the orders are placed manually...
Rajandran R
1 min read