Weekly Charts

Nifty Futures Higher Timeframe and Market Profile Outlook

I guess Nifty is in a make or break zone as the higher timeframe range is getting tighter & tigher. The United States and...
Rajandran R
1 min read

Nifty Weekly View using Classical Technical Analysis

This time using the classical technical analysis tools to analyze the how to play the trend reversal in nifty. On the weekly charts as...
Rajandran R
29 sec read

Medium Term View Of Indian Equity Markets

The Nifty is presently in minor wave 5 of Intermediate wave  (1) of Primary wave  (I) of a new cycle which started in March...
Navjyot Gill
1 min read

Nifty in Typical Bull Market – Buy Signal on…

One of our Favorite Strategy to predict long term bull market with minimal risk is 13-13 Wilders Moving Average Channel offset trading system is...
Rajandran R
19 sec read

Nifty Weekly charts with 5EMA High-Low Indicator

Nifty Weekly charts with 5EMA High-Low indicator is shown. Nifty had crossed the 5EMA high(5085) on the weekly charts during mid of novemeber. Weekly...
Rajandran R
7 sec read