Stop Hunting

What is Stop Hunting?

Stop hunting is a trading strategy that involves manipulating the price of an asset in order to trigger stop-loss orders placed by other traders....
Rajandran R
3 min read

[Premium] Stop Hunting Against Intraday Sellers – Explained

Here is a video tutorial using market profile concept which explains the presence of Intraday sellers during the day and how to monitor...
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25 sec read

Nifty Futures Short Term Overview – Market Profile

Nifty Futures lost 5.4% for this month. Interestingly so far it is outperforming Bank Nifty Futures which lost 10% for Sep 2018 alone. Expiry...
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58 sec read

How the Liqudity Hunt Happened on 21st Sep 2016

Lets understand the price movement of Nifty Future charts on 21st Sep 2016 and lets try to understand how the liquidity hunt happened. Nifty...
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1 min read