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Nifty Hedged Futures – October Series -Long Liquidation Odds?

Nifty hits 18000+ levels on an intraday basis. However, the second half of the day price managed to drop from the intraday high and...
Rajandran R
45 sec read

Nifty Futures – Upside Odds Remains Capped

Nifty Futures opened gap down on Thursday trading session. The trading activity went on more emotional. During the second half of the session more...
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1 min read

Bank Nifty Futures – Apr 219 – Short Term…

Bank Nifty futures on 5min timeframe turned to short mode on quick flip system with immediate supports coming around 30,003 levels. Price maintaining below...
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24 sec read

Nifty Futures to continue short term uptrend

Nifty is had a crazy volatile day. Huge downswing followed by a steep recovery during mid of the day. And on the 15min timeframe...
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17 sec read

Nifty January Trading sentiment Goes Extreme Positive

Nifty futures is currently trading in a sideways band for the last three trading days. Liquidity is almost dried up in the last three...
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24 sec read

Extreme Positive Sentiment in Nifty Futures

Nifty Futures is tested an intraday high of 10924. Trading sentiment was getting into extreme which possibly indicates overbought levels.
Rajandran R
20 sec read

Nifty Futures Quick Flip December Overview

Nifty futures holding its buy mode for the last 4 trading session with quick flip support coming around 10803-10814 band. The trading focus...
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25 sec read

Nifty Futures Extreme Indications – Short Term Overview

Nifty futures is showing extreme indications with quick flip currently in sell mode. Resistance upgraded to 10667 band. Price holding above 10667 could bring...
Rajandran R
13 sec read

Nifty Futures Quick Flip December Overview : Short Term…

Nifty Futures is continuing its uptrend and approximately made 4% in the last 6 trading sessions. Immediate supports are coming around 10910 levels. Price...
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21 sec read

Nifty November Futures Flips to Negative Short term Trend

Nifty November futures post emotional buyers dominance took a 100 pointer on the downside. Trading sentiment turned down on the daily charts with immediate...
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31 sec read

Nifty Futures Quick Flip Short Term Update

Daily Sentiment continues to be in a positive mode for last three trading session. Quick Flip immediate support comes around 10750-1760 band. Current uptrend...
Rajandran R
19 sec read

Nifty Short Term Outlook and Sector Sentiment for November

Nifty Futures quick flip holding its buy mode since last two trading sessions current supports are coming around thin band of 10671 - 10678...
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37 sec read