NOW, NEST, TT, ODIN , Excel to Amibroker live…

Free Software to Extract data from NOW, NEST, TT, ODIN , Excel to Amibroker live data
Rajandran R
1 min read

Odin2Ami – Free Odin to Amibroker Realtime Datafeeder

Odin2Ami is free and tiny windows application from aamaadmi software which fetches realtime data from DietOdin to AmiBroker. Currently the free version is...
Rajandran R
14 sec read

O2A – Odin Diet to ASCII Data Downloader

O2A - Odin to ASCII extracts Market Watch data from Odin Diet clients, and outputs the data to ASCII files. The program currently captures...
Rajandran R
46 sec read