Intraday Trading

Line Trading – Algomojo Automation Module for Amibroker Users

The line Trading Automation tool is designed for Manual traders who want to perform level-based trade execution faster and also bring some advanced trade...
Rajandran R
58 sec read

Code Snippet – Simple Intraday Trading System with Target…

Thought of implementing a simple intraday trading system with stoploss and target controls with time-based entry and exit controls. Traders can use this code...
Rajandran R
2 min read

Supertrend Intraday Trading Strategy for High Volatile Scrips

Supertrend Intraday Trading strategy will start trade the Supertrend only between 9:15a.m and 3:00:p.m and close any open position by 3:25p.m. The following code...
Rajandran R
2 min read

When Day Trading Turn into Boxing

My good friend Mr Murthy asked me one day to advise him what to do with 3000 Tata power stocks he purchased at Rs...
SK Biswal
6 min read