Ichimoku Cloud

Ichimoku Cloud AFL code

This tutorial talks about how to plot Ichimoku cloud charts in Amibroker for any kind of timeframe. Here only the cloud is plotted and...
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1 min read

Silver under trouble

Chart shown is ichimoku weekly chart of silver. Immediately you can recognise that silver is very closely trading below the ichimoku resistance zone. Traders...
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8 sec read

Nifty Futures Hourly holds the Ichimoku Supports

Nifty Futures takes a down turn today and finally got supported near the Ichimoku hourly supports and the hourly trend is still up. ...
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11 sec read

Live Ichimoku Clouds

Ichimoku cloud Charts with 5min Timeframe live desktop streaming
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Ichimoku Trading Strategies – Video

Ichimoku Kinko Hyo is a purpose-built trend trading charting system that has been successfully used in nearly every tradeable market. It is unique in...
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22 sec read

Gold and Hangseng under Ichimoku Resistance

Weekly Chart of Dollar Denominated Gold Future Charts and Hangseng Index Weekly Charts are shown. As of now both trades weaker and under the...
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19 sec read

Nifty Futures Ichimoku Update

Ichimoku Indicator turned to buy for all the timeframes. Just Checkout the Nifty Futures Charts of 5min,15min,Hourly Charts
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5 sec read

Nifty Future trading using Ichimoku

Ichimoku plays a great role in high probability trading. Let look into different setup of timeframe(Daily, Hourly,15min) and once can formulate his trade easily...
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53 sec read

Chinese Indices Still below Ichimoku Clouds

Earlier we had a discussion about the bearish setup in Icimoku cloud Indices charts and this post is just a relook into Weekly cloud...
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29 sec read