Historical Charts

How to Get NSE EOD Data from Yahoo Finance…

In this tutorial we will be discussing how to get historical NSE EOD data from Yahoo Finance to Ninjatrader. NinjaTrader is a free charting...
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45 Years of Gold Historical Chart – Infographic

Gold is traditionally the store of value to which investors turn in times of instability.Chart shows the past 45 years history of Dollar Denominated...
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17 sec read

15 Years of Indian Forex Reserves – Historical Chart

International Forex reserves are used to settle balance of payments deficits between countries. International reserves are made up of foreign currency assets, gold, holdings...
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30 Years of Historical Dow Jones Ichimoku Monthly Charts

30 Year Historical Dow Jones Monthly charts are shown. Interestingly Dow Jones is in bull market( i.e buy mode ) since the start of...
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10 Years of Historical Nifty Weekly Ichimoku Charts

10 Years of Historical Nifty Weekly Ichimoku Charts are shown. Currently on the long term i.e on weekly timeframe nifty is in sell mode...
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27 sec read

Nifty Vs PCR – 3years Historical Chart

Nifty and PCR - 3Year Historical charts are shown. PCR simply reveals investor sentiment. For Nifty PCR above 1.5 indicates optimistic investor sentiment i.e...
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30 Years of Gold – Chart for the Day

This comprehensive analysis covers 30 years of gold's performance, denominated in dollars, providing insights into its viability as an investment over time. Historically, gold...
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