NSE and BSE Historical EOD Database in Metastock Format

Download Historical NSE and BSE EOD database in Metastock format
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Getbhavcopy 2.1.1 New Version Released

Information from Rajaganesh that getbhavcopy 2.1.1 had been released to solve the NSE EOD problem. It is a good news for the EOD Downloaders...
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Getbhavcopy format – 05 Nov 2010 NSE EOD Data

Download Getbhavcopy format – 05 Nov 2010 NSE EOD Data
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Getbhavcopy format – 04 Nov 2010 NSE EOD Data

Download -Getbhavcopy format – 04 Nov 2010 NSE EOD Data. And if you hadnt downloaded the Getbhavcopy format – 03 Nov 2010 NSE EOD...
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Getbhavcopy format – 02 Nov 2010 NSE EOD Data

Volume digger has recently updated their data down loader for NSE EOD. Mr. Joydeep, author of, has informed me today. It has the...
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Getbhavcopy format – 01 Nov 2010 NSE EOD Data

As the bhavcopy software is not working as it is throwing the error "The remote server returned an error(403)". Okie till the error got...
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Import NSE EOD Database into Amibroker using Getbhavcopy Downloader

Here is a step by step video in a traditional Indian style of explanation, which explains how to Import NSE EOD Database...
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Getbhavcopy EOD DataDownloader for NSE & BSE Stock Exchanges

Getbhavcopy is a Free EOD data downloader for NSE and BSE stock exchanges and one can use this tool to download the stock market...
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