NSE and BSE Historical EOD Database in Metastock Format

Historical stock data is essential for technical analysis and backtesting trading strategies.In this blog post, we will guide you through the process of importing...
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Getbhavcopy 2.1.1 New Version Released

Information from Rajaganesh that getbhavcopy 2.1.1 had been released to solve the NSE EOD problem. It is a good news for the EOD Downloaders...
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Getbhavcopy format – 05 Nov 2010 NSE EOD Data

Download Getbhavcopy format – 05 Nov 2010 NSE EOD Data
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Getbhavcopy format – 04 Nov 2010 NSE EOD Data

Download -Getbhavcopy format – 04 Nov 2010 NSE EOD Data. And if you hadnt downloaded the Getbhavcopy format – 03 Nov 2010 NSE EOD...
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Getbhavcopy format – 02 Nov 2010 NSE EOD Data

Volume digger has recently updated their data down loader for NSE EOD. Mr. Joydeep, author of, has informed me today. It has the...
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Getbhavcopy format – 01 Nov 2010 NSE EOD Data

As the bhavcopy software is not working as it is throwing the error "The remote server returned an error(403)". Okie till the error got...
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Import NSE EOD Database into Amibroker using Getbhavcopy Downloader

Here is a step by step video in a traditional Indian style of explanation, which explains how to Import NSE EOD Database...
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Getbhavcopy EOD DataDownloader for NSE & BSE Stock Exchanges

Getbhavcopy is a Free EOD data downloader for NSE and BSE stock exchanges and one can use this tool to download the stock market...
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