Call Writers

Extreme Indications in Nifty Futures

Nifty futures on the daily timeframe shows extreme indications as it tested the 3 Standard deviation band on Thursday, September expiry day. Sideways to...
Rajandran R
1 min read

How to Trade Nifty for November Expiry?

Nifty is trading around All time high. October Futures is more of one-sided movement with an approximate swing of 500+ points swing. The trading...
Rajandran R
57 sec read

Call writers active at 7500. Will 7500 holds the…

The June Option series Open Interest picture shows 7500CE call writers are active so far which in turn reflects a possible resistance around 7500...
Rajandran R
45 sec read

Call writers Conquered 4800 Strike Price

Call writers  are very busy in 2010 season. They had shorted 5300CE,5200CE,5100CE,5000CE right from 17th Jan 2010 onwards. And in the February season they...
Rajandran R
21 sec read