Globaldatafeeds – Intraday (IEOD) data Pricing

Intraday (IEOD) data – Intraday data in 1 minute format of NSE F&O Segment, NSE Currency Segment and MCX is available – as per details below. Useful for backtesting and studies. Depending on your requirements, you can subscribe for current IEOD data (which is sent everyday evening after market hours) OR historical IEOD data (which is sent by email for the period ordered).

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Intraday (IEOD) Realtime Datafeed Pricing for Amibroker

NSE F&O / NSE Currency / MCX

  • Pricing : Rs5,052/ per 3 months
  • Pricing : Rs9,525/ per6 months
  • Pricing : Rs17,855/ per 1 Year
  • NSE F&O / NSE Currency / MCX
  • Current / Historical Data - 1 min Format


– IEOD data is delivered as single file per exchange / segment per day as zipped archive.
– The IEOD data is in CSV format (Comma Separated Values)
– Zero delay realtime data
– NSE F&O : Available since 01.09.2010 in backadjusted Futures Format.
– MCX : Available since 01.04.2013 in contractwise Futures Format.
– NSE Currency : Available since 07.04.2014 in contractwise Futures Format.

Globaldatafeed 3 day Demo and Enquiry Form
Lead For



Most features same as nimbleDataProPlus. Here, users can controltotal no. of symbols that they want to access simultaneously.
Suits for Begineers, Students in Stock Markets
Plans Start at 5 Symbol/Segment.



Realtime and End-Of-Day data of NSE F&O, NSE Currencies, MCX Futures only in Amibroker.
Suits for Professional Amibroker users
Plans Start at 200 Symbol/Segment



Realtime and End-Of-Day data of NSE F&O, NSE Currencies, MCX Futures in multiple charting platforms like AmiBroker, MetaStock, Advanced Get, Ensign, NinjaTrader, ELWAVE. Plans Start at 200 Symbol/Segment


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