World Indices

World Indices Comparision since 2001

Comparision of Indices like Nifty, Dow Jones, Nikkei, Hang Seng, Cac, Dax since 2001
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30 Years of Historical Dow Jones Ichimoku Monthly Charts

30 Year Historical Dow Jones Monthly charts are shown. Interestingly Dow Jones is in bull market( i.e buy mode ) since the start of...
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10 Years of Historical Nifty Weekly Ichimoku Charts

10 Years of Historical Nifty Weekly Ichimoku Charts are shown. Currently on the long term i.e on weekly timeframe nifty is in sell mode...
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Dow Jones Weekly Charts indicates Bull market

Dow Jones maintains the ichimoku weekly charts is in buy mode for the past 3 weeks indicating the start of long term uptrend with...
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Dow Jones drops 285 points and turned to sell…

DowJones turns to sell mode by dropping itself below the cloud support 11398 in the last hour of trade. And currently 11398 holds the...
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Nifty, Bank Nifty and DowJones turns to Buy mode…

Yesterday Nifty,Bank Nifty and Dow Jones turns to buy mode on 90 min ichimoku charts with supports coming around 4971, 9414 and 11047 respectively
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Dow Jones Technical Analysis on 90 min charts

Dow Jones 90 minute ichimoku charts are shown . Dow Jones are in sideways mode on 90 min charts and currently in sell mode...
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Now trade in S&P 500 and Dow Jones Derivatives

The National Stock Exchange (NSE) would be launching derivatives based on S&P and Dow Jones indices from 29 Aug, 2011.The National Stock Exchange (NSE)...
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Will Dow Jones Break 11000?

Dowjones ends with sell signal as per 13-13 Wilders Channel offset trading system. The nature of the Wilders Channel offset trading system is that...
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DowJones Still Under long term Sell Mode?

Dow Jones NMA Chart still in Sell Mode since May 21 with trailing stop loss of 10966 on the weekly charts. Only Heikin-Ashi Weekly...
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Dow Jones likely to test the GANN Support 9640

Daily GANN Charts of Dow Jones shows the Next level of GANN Support near 9640. GANN Indicator has been drawn from the 2008 Low...
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World Indices below Weekly cloud supports except Indian Indices

Chinese Index Shangai Composite trading below the weekly cloud Since 23rd April 2010 the first indices to trade below the weekly cloud.Sensex Still holding...
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