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Announcement – Building Realtime Yahoo Charts

I am going to migrate Yahoo Real time Charts containing RT Charts of Index,Stocks(Delayed),Word Indices,Forex,Commodities under one single umbrella
Rajandran R
20 sec read

Realtime Charting Pages Problem

  I had recived complaints from many of the traders that charting pages are not getting  opened after migration from  blogger to wordpress. Inorder...
Rajandran R
16 sec read

Blog Migrated to WordPress

We're excited to announce a significant milestone in the evolution of As of February 8, 2010, we've successfully migrated our blog from Blogger...
Rajandran R
2 min read

Site Maintenance : Blogger to WordPress Platform Migration

Marketcalls is likely to migrate from Blogger to Self Hosted WordPress platform with lot of interactive functionalities. Site will be under maintenance mode during the migration as marketcalls users...
Rajandran R
15 sec read

No Updates till 16 Jan 2010

  Hi Readers, I will be out of the city till 16th Jan 2010. Till then the blog wont be updated. But I...
Rajandran R
12 sec read

Marketcalls Pageload Statistics for the Year 2009

  This year has been a pleasant year not only for investors alone but also for market calls too. Marketcalls had recieved a total...
Rajandran R
26 sec read

Marketcalls Service Architechture

  Life is not complicated. But we are making it complicated and we deserved to and sometimes ending up with a mess.The above...
Rajandran R
10 sec read

Test Streaming – Live Marketcalls TV

Watch live streaming video from marketcalls at Switch to Full Screen Video   Streaming Amibroker Realtime Data for Nifty(5 Minute NMA  Charts)...
Rajandran R
13 sec read


Guidelines for Blog Advertising Rate Card and AD specification for Marketcalls
Rajandran R
44 sec read

Nifty Options Open Interest Tracker

Marketcalls lauches Live Open Interest Tracker for Nifty options(Calls/Puts) for current series. One can track the Open Interest Picture here - Nifty Options Tracker...
Rajandran R
7 sec read

MarketCalls Launched

We are excited to announce the official launch of MarketCalls , a comprehensive platform dedicated to enhancing your trading knowledge and skills. Our mission...
Rajandran R
1 min read