Market Profile

Market Profile – How to Play 80 Percentage Rule

Market Profile - 80% rule which was first mentioned in The Profile Reports (Dalton Capital Management 1987 - 1991). It says if the market...
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Market Profile : Different Types of Profile Days

Welcome to Market Profile Series. In the last tutorial we seen different types of markets (Balanced and Imbalanced) and in this tutorial we will...
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Market Profile : Balanced and Imbalanced Markets

In the last tutorial we discussed how to read a market profile charts and in this section we will cover different types of markets...
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How to Read a Market Profile Chart?

Market Profile is not a trading system but a market generated information and a decision supportive system along with your existing trading systems. It...
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Rotation Factor – Amibroker AFL Code

Rotation Factor is a sentimental indicator used in Market Profile to Indicate who is control (Buyers/Sellers) in the market for the day. If the...
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Nifty 500 Tick Chart and Market Profile Charts for…

Nifty Futures 500 Tick Charts   Nifty futures enter the buy mode yesterday at the opening of the session however it once again...
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Nifty Futures 500 Tick and Profile Charts for 9th…

Nifty futures is in strong sell mode since 3rd April and currently the resistance zone is coming near 5585.3. Reverse your position to positional...
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Nifty Market Profile Charts for 3rd April 2013 Trading

Nifty April Futures Daily Profile Charts are shown. Yesterday nifty had formed a double distribution Trend Day pattern. A double distribution trend day occurs...
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Nifty : Weekly and Daily Profile charts

Nifty opened above Value Areas which itself was bullish sign and the new values were created outside of the previous day’s value. Now for...
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