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Moving Averages Help You Define Trend – Here’s How

The "moving average" is a technical indicator of market strength which has stood the test of time. Over 30 years ago, Robert Prechter described...
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Trader Case Study: What Happens When You Use Corporate Earnings to Pick Trades

According to a June 26 Fortune Magazine article, New York-based bio tech company Regeneron Pharmaceuticals is one of the "100 Best Places for Millennials...
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Is This a Big Sign of a Big Stock Market Turn?

A stock market warning has just developed for those who are bullish. Here's what I'm talking about (CNBC, May 22): The House voted May...
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What to Expect at a Critical Market Point: End of a Wave 2 Rally

The great game of Wall Street -- where huge amounts of money are at stake every trading day. Many speculators play this game by...
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How This Classic Market Theory Can Warn You of Big Turns

Dow Theory is a time-honored market analysis tool. Its name comes from Charles H. Dow, co-founder of The Wall Street Journal.
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Is War “Hell” for the Stock Market?

With the recent news of airstrikes on Syria and a threat of a global war, this question is extremely relevant. But does war really...
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Oil Prices Vs. Production: See the “Elephant” Almost Everyone Ignores

There's a widespread assumption that supply and demand drive oil prices. Almost all economists base their oil forecasts entirely on this premise, and so...
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How to Find Trading Opportunities in ANY Market: Fibonacci Analysis

The primary Fibonacci ratios that I use in identifying wave retracements are .236, .382, .500, .618 and .786. Some of you might say that...
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The Last Great Myth of Every Financial Euphoria

After two decades of Mania Era asset bubbles and sentiment extremes, what now seems normal to many investors is actually highly abnormal. That's right...
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When One Pattern Ends, Another Begins

By Monday, Feb. 26, the stock market rally that carried major indexes out of the depths of the recent sell-off came to within 1000...
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How to Anticipate Stock Market Trend Changes

Every active stock market investor wants to know: Where are prices headed next? Most will scour the financial headlines, tune into financial television and...
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Invest by Watching News? Accept These Pitfalls

Did you know that the vast majority of portfolios are built on false assumptions? These false assumptions -- or Market Myths -- have been...
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