[Premium Recorded Webinars] TradeZilla 2.0 – Discover your Trading Edge – Market Profile & Orderflow Mentorship Program (Jan 2019 Edition)

TradeZilla 2.0 is a complete 1month mentorship program for active traders (intraday/positional) to Explore Trading Edge and Be an Independent Trader. This Mentorship program is an institutional grade trader skill development program designed in an objective way to take advantage of traders behavior to trade any market conditions, to trade any trading instrument across the world.

Unconventional tools like market profile, order-flow analysis are used to explain the market/traders behavior. Signature trades using market profile are deeply explained to the users with intensive live market training.

The following things are covered under TradeZilla 2.0

Market Profile Basics

  • How to gain trading edge using Market Profile
  • How to read Market Profile
  • Introduction to auction Theory
  • Basics of Market Profile (Basic Terminologies, Profile Distribution Patterns, Open Types)
  • Learn the importance of Point of control, Poor Low, Poor High, Failed Auction and other short term nuances
  • Understand the traders behavior using market profile
  • Learn how dumb money plays using market profile
  • Learn to understand the market confidence avoid unwanted noise/sideways markets
  • Trading Price Vs Trading Value Area
  • Learn Excess and Balance Concepts
  • When to trade with the trend and when to trade against the trend using Market Profile
  • When to avoid trades using market profile

Market Profile Advanced

  • Market Profile Chart Settings for Various Instruments (Indices, Stocks, Commodities, Currencies)
  • How to estimate/forecast the stop loss of other traders using market profile
  • How to Prepare for a Trading Day (Top Down Analysis & Pre Market Analysis)
  • Signature Trades in Market Profile(G2/G3 Patterns), Poor Low/Poor High Patterns
  • How to draw short-term and intraday references and understand the significance of the reference lines
  • How and when to trade against crowd sentiment
  • Best Trading Practices and Market Profile Trading Principles
  • Learn how to invest for Short Term/Long Term using Market Profile
  • Gap Strategy and Spike Strategies in Market Profile

Orderflow Trading Strategies – Basics

  • Lesson 1 : Introduction to Auction Theory, Orderflow & Market Depth 101
  • Lesson 2 : How to Setup Orderflow Charts, Orderflow Settings, Datafeed Vendors
  • Lesson 3 : Orderflow using Minute Bars, Range Bars, UniRenko Bars which one to use?
  • Lesson 4 : Understanding Market Participants
  • Lesson 5 : Importance of Delta & Point of Control
  • Lesson 6 : Orderflow Support & Resistance levels
  • Lesson 7 : How one can identify Absorption from Orderflow
  • Lesson 8 : Identify Orderflow Momentum Patterns & Momentum
  • Exhaustion (Trend Reversal) Patterns
  • Lesson 9 : How to Combine Orderflow with Market Profile / Price Action Studies
  • Lesson 10: Best Orderflow Trading Practices
  • Lesson 11: Intraday Scalping Strategies using Orderflow
  • Lesson 12: Case Studies & Conclusion

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