William VIX FIX

Four Visible Technical Signs that Crude Bottomed Out

Here are the 4 visible signs (Volatility Sentiment, Magazine Indicator, COT Percentile , Gold Oil Ratio) we look into it to predict the possible...
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Nifty Bouncing Back from the Bottom Again?

Nifty futures tested a low of 8001.1 on tuesday follow by a recovery very next day. The hourly timeframe in both nifty futures and...
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William VIX FIX Indicator for Metatrader 4

Here is a William VIX FIX indicator for Metatrader 4 software. William VIX FIX is a bottom predicting indicator and we had covered enough...
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VIX FIX Signals a possible bottom in Nifty Futures?

Willam VIX FIX study has been applied over the daily and weekly charts of Nifty futures. And VIX FIX turning down from the peak...
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Equity Returns after Extreme VIX and William VIX FIX…

Was just going thro QUSMA blog on Equity Returns Following Extreme VIX and William VIX FIX Movements. And couple of peoples are throwing ideas...
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High Probability Mean Reversion in Nifty Futures

Nifty Futures 10 day autocorrelation turned negative for the last two days also the smooth oscillator holding near oversold zone which indicates possible mean...
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