Value Investing

What is the Fair Value of Metal Index?

Metal stocks are facing the worst drawdown ever and continued to be in drawdown since the start of 2018. The current drawdown stares at...
Rajandran R
58 sec read

Things to Know About P/E Ratio

Before making investments, one has to evaluate it. For valuating stocks, comes the investment valuation ratio which is the P/E ratio. As a value...
Kalaivani Pandian
1 min read

How to Find the Right Price of any Stock…

Despite theories that the markets are efficient I believe that most people make investment decisions that include these psychological biases, generally without realizing they’re...
Lokesh Madan
11 min read

Myths about Warren Buffett and Value Investing

Warren Buffett is the most glorified and respected investor of all time. And rightfully so. After all, he became the world’s wealthiest...
5 min read

3 Old School Methods That Still Beats the Market

When it comes to 21st century financial markets,The complexity takes a heavy toll when you scroll down the list of market participants all you...
3 min read

How to find the Right Price of any Stock…

Which is a better value - a stock selling at 500 Rs/- per share or a stock selling at 1300 Rs/- per share? (Same...
Lokesh Madan
13 min read

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