USDJPY – Made a Top Formation

Finally, the USDJPY strengthening came to an end from a short-term perspective. Last Friday USJPY rallied to 151.94 levels surging past the August 1990 high...
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USDJPY Momentum Here to Stay

Yet another classical technical view on USDJPY as it comes out of the classical 200 Moving average (110.20) with a short covering. The Interesting...
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Things you need to Know about Cross Currency Derivatives

Both NSE & BSE received approval from SEBI to launch Cross Currency Derivative Pairs EURUSD, GBPUSD, USDJPY. The trade timing in pair currency...
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USDJPY – Short Term Bottom Done Despite Rising Yields?

USDJPY currently trading around 108.71 with relatively thin volumes as Japanese markets are in holiday and despite rising US Markets and 10-year note yield...
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USDJPY – Short Term Bottom Done Again as Korean…

USDJPY tested April 2017 low on fears that Pyongyang (North Korea) would launch another missile test over the weekend, which had added to last...
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USDJPY Trend Reversal and North Korean Missile

Japan's currency USDJPY, strengthened as North Korean launched a missile that crossed over Japan on 29th Aug 2017. Yen had made a low around...
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USDJPY Trend Analysis – Aug Overview

USDJPY is in the downtrend for the last 10 months. Overall Volatility and downtrend momentum weakened in the last 4 weeks with the sideways...
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USDJPY Trend Analysis – July Overview

USDJPY Monthly charts are in declining mode for the last 9 months and consecutively keep on making lower lows and lower highs. And from...
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