Upstox – Charts are Now Powered by TBT –…

The recent announcement by Upstox, one of India's leading brokerages, about providing free Tick-by-Tick (TBT) charting data to its customers marks a groundbreaking shift...
Rajandran R
1 min read

Understanding Discount Brokers in India

Full-service stock brokers and discount brokers are two types of brokerage firms that offer different levels of service and fees to clients who want...
Rajandran R
3 min read

[Webinar] Introduction to Algomojo Platform for Upstox Users

Algomojo is a web-based automated trading platform built on the brokers API with a minimalistic design built by traders for the traders.
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25 sec read

Algomojo Platform Now Open to Upstox Users

We are proud to provide our Algomojo access to Upstox users. Now users of Upstox can enjoy Free API-based algotrading access. Free Platform Access...
Rajandran R
5 min read