Nifty Daily Returns – Distribution Statistics – Python Code

The Nifty index is one of the most popular stock market indices in India among traders and investors, and it tracks the performance of...
Rajandran R
3 min read

Successful Traders “Learn to Do Something That Almost No…

Successful Traders “Learn to Do Something That Almost No One Else Can Do” Why successful financial speculators are so rare By Elliott Wave International...
Elliott Wave
3 min read

Random Systems For Trading And Risk Management

Statistical principles and tools as used in Black -Scholes assumptions which remains corner stone of risk management world wide from petty traders to large...
SK Biswal
8 min read

NMA AFL Code Analysis

NMA Chart analysis for Daily and Weekly Nifty Charts and Statitics results for long only trades from daily nma charts since post election rally
Rajandran R
13 sec read