The History of the Indian Rupee

The Indian rupee is the official currency of India. It is symbolized by the symbol "₹" and is abbreviated as INR. The rupee has...
Rajandran R
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Rupee Linked Offshore Bonds

With the initiation of a program sponsored by the World Bank, international investors can be able to buy offshore rupee-dominated bonds. By this program,...
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Indian rupee is the most undervalued currency as per…

The Big Mac Index is published by the Economist to compare the currencies of different countries and to evaluate whether a particular currency is...
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RBI to issue Rs 500 note with Rupee symbol

The Reserve Bank will shortly issue Rs 500 notes which will have the rupee symbol. The Rs 500 notes will be of the Mahatma...
Rajandran R
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USD INR 4 Hourly Chart Analysis

USDINR - 4 hourly chart is shown with 13-13 period Wilders Moving average channel offset trading system. Ruppee Continues with the buy signal since...
Vidhyaa Sree
48 sec read

USDINR Tested above Rs54

In an early trade on Thursday, the Indian rupee fell by 46 paise to a record low of Rs 54.17 per US dollar, breaching...
Rajandran R
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Rupee hits 52.6 per Dollar and its new record…

Rupee touched the 52.6 per dollar mark for the first time in thirty two and a half months on tuesday as domestic equities weakened...
Rajandran R
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USD INR 4 Hourly Chart Analysis – Updated

USDINR 4 hourly chart is shown with 13-13 period Wilders Moving average. There is buy signal on the chart since 9th November as the...
Vidhyaa Sree
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Download the New Rupee Symbol Font

Download the font Rupee.ttf or the new version Rupee_Foradian.ttf. Foridan Technologies had made the first font with support for Indian currency symbol.
Rajandran R
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India picks Rupee symbol to rival the €£¥$

For those of us still fumbling to find the € symbol on our keyboards, today was a bad news day. Computer and mobile keyboards...
Rajandran R
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USDINR Supports got broken

  This is my first simple review with USDINR using simple trendlines   Daily Charts of USDINR charts shwos the recent supports near...
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