How to Build Put Call Ratio Chart in Amibroker?

This tutorial explores how to build Put Call Ratio (Open Interest) chart in Amibroker for the any given Option Instrument. Since creating a PCR...
Rajandran R
1 min read

Nifty Vs PCR – 3years Historical Chart

Nifty and PCR - 3Year Historical charts are shown. PCR simply reveals investor sentiment. For Nifty PCR above 1.5 indicates optimistic investor sentiment i.e...
Rajandran R
15 sec read

Modified Nifty Options Tracker

Here is a modified Nifty Options Tracker. PCR(OI) for current series had been added for Nifty and Reliance Charts with auto update feature
Rajandran R
7 sec read

10 day SMA of Trin nears 1

When the 10-day SMA of TRIN is close to 1, it's prudent to hold off on short positions until the Nifty falls below the...
Rajandran R
29 sec read