AFL to Switch between Heikin-Ashi and Normal Candle

A small funtionality has been added to the NMA Swing Explorer charts to switch between Heikin-Ashi Candle and Normal Candle. Now Just right click...
Rajandran R
2 min read

Nifty Short term – Review with Ichimoku and NMA…

Atlast after my lazy days i had configured IEOD database in my Amibroker software. Let have a check with the shorter term charts of...
Rajandran R
57 sec read

NMA Buy or Sell Bar Replay Video for Nifty…

NMA Buy or Sell Bar Replay Video for Nifty from 2007 to Till Date along with ATR(20) - Average true range
Rajandran R
6 sec read

NMA Chart Update

NMA Charts turn to sell mode on 30 Aug 2010 and still holding the sell signal with EOD Stop loss of 5512
Rajandran R
4 sec read

Nifty GANN FAN, NMA Signal, Ichimoku Charts Overview

Long term GANN Fan Charts of Nifty shows that it is trading currently between the long term resistance line 5400 and the long...
Rajandran R
17 sec read

NMA AFL Code Analysis

NMA Chart analysis for Daily and Weekly Nifty Charts and Statitics results for long only trades from daily nma charts since post election rally
Rajandran R
13 sec read

NMA Intraday Buy/Sell Signal for Nifty

  Time : 2.04P.M   This is a Test Post for Automatic Posting of NMA Buy/Sell Signal for Nifty Intraday 5 Min Charts...
Rajandran R
8 sec read

Nick Rypock Trailing Reverse Trading System(NRTR) – Amibroker AFL…

Trading System is for those investors who just only interested in making profits in trades and not interested in trading based on news, fundamentals...
Rajandran R
3 min read