Nifty 50

What is Index Mangement and How it is Performed?

In the case of Nifty 50, when a big heavy-weight stock opens with a big gap up or gap down, index managers will buy...
Rajandran R
1 min read

Pattern Trading Updates for 20 stocks from Nifty 50…

This is the first guest post from Sumeet Jain author of Pattern Trading Blog in this post here share about his high probability pattern...
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Amibroker EOD Signals for Nifty 50 Stocks- New Feature…

Do you love to track/analyze Blue Chip Indian Companies? Do you have a stock portfolio in Nifty 50 Companies and need to know the...
Rajandran R
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What is Nifty?

NIFTY is an Indian Index computed from performance of top stocks from different sectors listed on NSE (National stock exchange). NIFTY consists of 50...
Rajandran R
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SDA2 Trend trading signals for Nifty 50 EOD stocks

SDA2 Trend trading signals for Nifty 50 EOD stocks with buy or sell signals generated using the custom indicator SDA2(SDA+ATR2) trend trading system
Rajandran R
10 sec read