10 Questions Traders has to ask themselves to Stay…

We been told "An Investors/Traders to be successful in Financial market one should have radical approach, unique trading methodologies" So I put bunch of...
Rajandran R
51 sec read

Emotional Trading Vs Rational Method Of Trading.

Most of us invest based on our gut feeling or intuition also called instinctive impulses.Psychological factors such as greed ,fear ,hope and pride or...
SK Biswal
4 min read

How Not To End Your Trading Career Untimely.

Nineteen-year-old Monty spent the afternoon day-trading penny stocks because his prefrontal cortex isn't yet fully developed and he couldn't recognize risk-reward trade-offs if they...
SK Biswal
9 min read

Why Most of New Traders Fail to Profit?

Any persons today involved in buying and selling stocks or future or commodity calls themselves traders. If you are someone who is been involved...
Mohit Jhanji
2 min read

Understanding The Background Of Random Price Behavior

Random-walk theorists usually start from the premise that the major security exchanges are good examples of “efficient”markets. An “efficient” market is defined as a...
SK Biswal
3 min read

Shanon’s Daemon : Profit from Randomness

Shanon's Daemon is based on the theory manifested by Claude Shannon. In the 1940s, the great genius conducted an experiment also known as Shannon’s...
Rajandran R
2 min read