No Penality on non-maintenance of minimum balances – RBI

RBI on it Circular stated that from now onwards Banks cannot levy penality charges on non-maintenance of minimum balances in inoperative Accounts.
Rajandran R
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How to Transfer your funds from ICICI ATM to…

With ICICI ATM you can now transfer your funds to any dear ones with ease. Check out the video which explains how to transfer...
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ICICI Bank Technical Analysis November 14 2011

It's been really tough time for banks not able to show specific trend since 3 months from August 2011. ICICI Bank has been trading...
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Nifty Swing Charts and ICICI Positional Targets

  Nifty Spot :4103   Inference from the Swing Charts of – 4 day(15 min) Intraday Nifty charts Which shows that the primary trend...
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