USDINR March Futures Momentum Speeding up. Short Term Trend…

Amid, Corona fears and country GDP data is out at 4.7%, it is absolutely interesting times to discuss USDINR short term trend. Data released...
Rajandran R
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1 Billion Plastic Currency Notes of Rs10 denomination to…

Mr Shri Jayant Sinha(Finance Minister) in written reply to a question in Lok Sabha today posted that Government will introduce 1 Billion Plastic...
Rajandran R
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Gold Vs Bitcoin Comparison : Infographic

Which one will be consider as the alternative currency Gold or Bitcoin in the future? Will a physical gold will be the future currency...
Rajandran R
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USDINR Long Term and Short term Overview

USDINR on the daily charts is in long term sell mode since Sep 2013. Currently the EOD resistance comes near to 60.49. USDINR will...
Rajandran R
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USD INR 4 Hourly Chart Analysis

USDINR - 4 hourly chart is shown with 13-13 period Wilders Moving average channel offset trading system. Ruppee Continues with the buy signal since...
Vidhyaa Sree
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USDINR Tested above Rs54

In an early trade on Thursday, the Indian rupee fell by 46 paise to a record low of Rs 54.17 per US dollar, breaching...
Rajandran R
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USD INR 4 Hourly Chart Analysis – Updated

USDINR 4 hourly chart is shown with 13-13 period Wilders Moving average. There is buy signal on the chart since 9th November as the...
Vidhyaa Sree
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USD INR Currency Options lookup

Charts shows the open interest charts for USDINR. And from the charts there is a higher open interest builtup at Rs 45CE which indicates...
Rajandran R
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150 rupee coin in India soon

For the first time in the country's minting history, government will issue coins of Rs. 150, marking the number of years of taxation in...
Rajandran R
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Download the New Rupee Symbol Font

Download the font Rupee.ttf or the new version Rupee_Foradian.ttf. Foridan Technologies had made the first font with support for Indian currency symbol.
Rajandran R
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