Call Writing

Nifty Surges despite option writing at 7500CE

Open Interest built up is still higher at 7500CE and despite call option writing at 7500 nifty surges and closed with a weekly return...
Rajandran R
28 sec read

Nifty Open Interest lookup for August option series

Nifty August Option Series start with almost equal amount of Higher Open Interest at 5400PE and 5700CE which indicates that 5400 could be a...
Rajandran R
10 sec read

Call writing in 6000CE and 6100CE Dec Nifty Option…

As of now 6000 CE holds the highest Open Interest for the Dec Series. And today witnessed considerable amount of call writing in 6000CE...
Rajandran R
16 sec read

Call Writers are Starting from Zero

Last past two days of action could stumbled call writers as there is unwinding in 4800CE,4900CE,5000CE open Interest and put writers overtakes the position which...
Rajandran R
38 sec read

Call Writers taken one step forward

High Open Interest Seen in 4900 CE and 5000 CE which indicates strong call writing. As of now call writiers are confident of the...
Rajandran R
7 sec read