AFL coding

How to Send Automated Orders without any Amibroker Bridge…

This tutorial explores how to send Automated orders to the brokers using the Algomojo platform without any external Bridge Installation.
Rajandran R
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[Premium] Amibroker AFL Programming OCT 2018 Recorded Webinars

Here is the recorded video on how to create custom indicators, scanners/exploration, trading strategies, Signal Generation, Creating Trading Signal Dashboard , Performing Technical analysis...
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Simple Triple Moving Average Crossover – Amibroker AFL Code

Here is the very simple and classical example to build a triple EMA (Exponential Moving Average Crossover system). System is quite popular if anyone...
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58 sec read

Start Amibroker from Scratch – Video Tutorials

Here are a bunch of video tutorials that help you understand the basics of Amibroker Software. This video tutorials focus on Installation, Charting Features,...
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Webinar : Learn Amibroker AFL Coding with Marketcalls

Its time to learn something new. Yes we are launching our first webinar on 7th March 2015 (IST). In this session you will be...
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Amibroker AFL coding – Photo Gallery

First of all I personally thank Mr Jagdish Ahuja(ATMA organizer) for providing oppurtunity and organizing this Amibroker AFL coding to make this event...
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“Amibroker AFL coding” – 26th ATMA Bengaluru Meet

This is my first event with ATMA. Will be speaking about Amibroker AFL coding concepts. Probably the first ever group to discuss about...
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