Systematic Trading using Amibroker – Online Workshop

Learn to Convert your Trading Ideas into Trading Strategies
You know that Amibroker is one of the best tool to create custom trading strategies, Signal Generation , Performing Technical analysis and even test/validate your trading models. At Marketcalls we use AFL Programming extensively to create Complex Custom Indicators, Trading Strategies, Trading Dashboard, Buy & Sell Signal Models. If you want to learn Amibroker and Systematic Trading one step better then this course is for you.

Mode of Training : Live Online Training

Date : 3rd Mar 2018

Timings :

Morning Session : 10a.m – 1p.m
Evening Session : 2p.m – 7p.m


Customer Support : 9738383344 / 9535133445 ( 9a.m – 6p.m IST Mon-Sat)

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System Trading
Learn the basic and advance concepts in System Trading. Be the market expert of your own.
Secret to Success
We believe there is no secret sauce for quicker success. Learn the unholy grail concepts and better trading strategy design principles
Make Ideas Happen
Learn to convert your trading ideas into trading strategies and automate it. Test it properly before going to trade live.
[/one-third] About the Mentor

Rajandran is a Full time trader and founder of Marketcalls and Co-Founder of Traderscafe, hugely interested in building timing models, algos , discretionary trading concepts and Trading Sentimental analysis. He now instructs users all over the world, from experienced traders ,professional traders to individual traders.

Rajandran attended college in the Chennai where he earned a BE in Electronics and Communications. Rajandran has a broad understanding of trading softwares like Amibroker, Ninjatrader, Esignal, Metastock, Motivewave, Market Analyst(Optuma),Metatrader,Tradingivew,Python and understands individual needs of traders and investors utilizing a wide range of methodologies.

Course Agenda

Systematic Trading using Amibroker

1)Setting up Amibroker(Datafeed,Importing Data,Templates,Layouts,Charting)

2)Understanding Amibroker Features

3)Introduction to Trading Systems

4)How to Backtest/Optimize your Trading System

5)Trading Comissions and Slippages Modelling

6)How to Evaluate the Risk/Profitability of Trading System

7)Evalutating Which Timeframe to Trade

8)Which is better : Intraday Trading System or Positional Trading System?

9)Validating the Robustness of Trading System

10)Automating your Trading System

11)Discussion on Which Money Management Process to Adapt?

12)Psychology Needed for handling system trading/algo trading

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About Amibroker

Amibroker is the world’s leading investing and trading analysis software. It is used by over 400,000 investors in 70+ different countries to streamline and broaden their analysis.

Offering unparalleled charting functionality, Amibroker will take your technical analysis to the next level. Imagine scanning over thousands of securities from across the market with a click of a button in seconds to identify the best trading opportunities.

Combine this with the most extensive list of indicators, technical analysis tools, and the capability to comprehensively test, back test and optimize your trading strategies, and it will become clear that Amibroker is a must have tool for your investing and trading.

In this informative and practical presentation delivered by India’s renowned Amibroker expert trainer Rajandran R, you will learn how to unleash the power of Amibroker!


Passion to Learn Trading Systems
Basic understanding of the stock markets, futures and options concepts
A Laptop with Good Internet Connectivity
Mike and Speakers

Who Should Attend this Workshop

Trading System Developers, Proprietary Traders, System Traders, Autotrading enthusiasts, Students, Brokers, Sub Brokers and anyone who wants to code their own strategies and learn system trading concepts.

Frequently Asked Questions

1)Is the Training Session Recorded?

Yes the training session is recorded and you will be provided one year of access to the recorded training session

2)Do I get any support after the workshop?

Yes, we will provide you lifetime access to marketcalls slack our private trading community where we frequently hangout and discuss many things from markets, trading system, trading concepts, algo trading and more.

3)Do I get any Amibroker AFL Coding assistance?

Yes, you will be offered AFL coding assistance / algo trading setup. It comes at additional cost and pricing is majorly on the complex of the trading system

4)Do we have Q&A sessions in the Training?
Yes we do have frequent Q&A sessions during the training

What are the advantages of attending the workshop?

Ability to backtest/optimize any trading system and avoid curve fitting
Understanding the Nature and Risk involved in following a trading system
Expertise in handling Amibroker and Automate Trading Systems Independently

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Client Testimonials

Thanks a lot for a wonderful workshop. We had great learning from the workshop. I would recommend to all the system trading enthusiastic to attend your session as there is lots of valuable information to learn about.
Vishal Mehta, New Delhi (Reuters)
Vishal Mehta, New Delhi (Reuters)
Attended AFL programming workshop and I have to say am more than satisfied with everything I got. To start with Rajendran is one gem of a person, so humble, energetic and happy to talk to person. Very rare to find a person like him. He knows his areas very well and on the same he os offering his services. He has got wealth of knowledge on stock market. So if anyone is starting / looking for career or even mentorship, then please get in touch with Rajendran. I thought I know soo much about the charting software which am using from 5 years but after the workshop I got know that I knew very little. Thanks a lot Rajendran for the wonderful classes from you. I will be in touch with you for sure and also get in to more workshops on other topics in future. Pleasure to know you and my best wishes is always with you.
Gautam Jayakrishna, Karnataka - Part Timetrader
Gautam Jayakrishna, Karnataka - Part Timetrader
No education is complete until it is taught by someone who knows it better. I have attended two programs from Marketcalls – Divergence and Tradezilla – and can recommend to anyone with the zeal to learn the correct way in trading from Rajandran. My knowledge about markets has overall improved since January 2016, as I picked up the basics of Market Profile and Amibroker – and, as a bonus, got some basics in trading psychology too
- A fundamental investor and Trader with over 15 years of experience
- A fundamental investor and Trader with over 15 years of experience
Thank you very much for conducting the Chennai meet and I am proud to one of the participants.I gained a lot.I never backtested my trades and that is the major failure.Thank you for guiding.
Jaganathan, Tamil Nadu (Part Time Trader)
Jaganathan, Tamil Nadu (Part Time Trader)
I attended a 1-day program on Trading System Design and a 2-day program on AFL programming, which I needed to learn to start backtesting my trading systems. I am almost a beginner in Amibroker and with very little knowledge of basic programming which I had learnt more than 10 years back. I was pleasantly surprised that the complex strategies were explained in such simple ways, which only a master who has gone through the grind can do. Rajendran has gone out of the way to answer any question & clear our doubts and both the days we went way beyond the schedule, the sessions being highly interactive and informative. My approach towards trading has gone through a shift where I am less likely to jump into trades and wait patiently for the right ones. I am highly satisfied with the training and would recommend it to anyone looking to learn Amibroker or Trading Systems or anything related to trading systematically to build and grow wealth in the financial markets. Thanks a lot Rajendran Sir for spending the last 2 days with us.
Sumit Arora, Karnataka (Part Time Trader)
Sumit Arora, Karnataka (Part Time Trader)