AFL Custom Development

We convert your Trading Ideas into Design
You know that Amibroker is one of the best tool to create custom trading strategies, Signal Generation , Performing Technical analysis and even test/validate your trading models. At Marketcalls we use AFL Programming extensively to create Complex Custom Indicators, Trading Strategies, Trading Dashboard, Buy & Sell Signal Models.

We have 10+ years of coding experience in Amibroker AFL Programming and Amibroker Based Automation. We offer the following custom coding development and Trading solutions.

1)Backtesting and verification of your trading strategy
2)Extending current AFL code that you have
3)Fixing Bugs in your coding Strategy
4)Code Templates
5)Buy/Sell Signal generation
6)Custom Trading Strategies
7)Alerts (Popup, Push Notification, Email, Sound Alerts)
8)Building Exploration and Scanners
9)Custom Indicators
10)Excel and AmiBroker automation
11)Algotrading API Integration

Kindly send the following details in plain text format (Preferably in MS Document)

1)Trading Strategy/Indicator Logic that you cant to code
2)Any Alerts(Sound/Popup/Push Notification Alert) if required

AFL Development Charges are mostly decided based on the complexity of the code. Min Fixed Charges for a non complex afl code will be Rs8000/- (inclusive of GST).

Enquiries: Reach out to 9738383344/9535133445