Practical Approach to Trend Following

Here is a course on Trend following which brings you a step by step approach in gaining expertise towards trend following and systematic trend following systems with proper risk management and position sizing.

It is a in-depth 8 hour training session to gain deep expertise in trend following models.

Total Learning Hours: 8 hours ( 5 Days of Live Learning)

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Tools used
1)Trading View & Amibroker

Who Should Attend the Course?

  • Traders who love to learn the art of building trendfollowing trading strategies.
  • Traders who like to get creative trading ideas on trendfollowing.
  • Students who want to learn the quantitative approach to the markets.
  • System traders who love to move from legacy excel sheet based trading strategies to cutting edge framework.
  • Prop Traders who love to move from discretionary trading to a systematic trendfollowing.
  • Anyone who loves to play with the scientific approach to Trading
  • Brokers/Sub-Brokers/Authorize Partners who want to upgrade their skill set

What are the Other Courses you offer?

Other traders courses involve a significant amount of research & time commitment & hand holding which we are striving hard to bring the best of the analysis and training to our clients to make their learning curve better and superior to the other trading competitors. For more details on our upcoming training program visit our event schedule 

You are most welcome if you like to build your specialization/trading career

What is the Difference between Free and Premium Membership
Free Members get only access to live mentoring on Trend Following. However Premium members enjoy the benefits of Recorded Video access for 1 Year + 1 month of GDFL Datafeed + 1 month of Tradestudio (Premium Trend Following Strategies & Indicators designed by Marketcalls) along with live mentoring access.

Will Free Membership Participants get access to recorded webinars?

Course Recording will be available only to the Premium members. Free members are only eligible to attend the live course.

What is the duration of the access for the recorded webinar?
1 Year of recorded access will be provided. Any number of times one can watch those Recorded sessions.

What is TradeStudio?

Tradestudio is a suite of proprietary indicators, strategies & Alerts, built on Amibroker Platform and built for Professional and full-time quant/algo traders. It helps traders to harness the power of momentum. Trade Studio Systems are designed for traders who want to stay away from predicting the market direction but to participate in the momentum of the trend and thereby capturing the trend till it lasts. Learn more about Tradestudio

What Datafeed Access will be provided to the Premium Members?

We provide Globaldatafeed access to all the premium members registering for this course. Participants can opt for any one segment (NSE Cash, NSE Futures, NSE Currency, MCX Futures)