Lintra – Linear Regression Based Intraday Analysis

Copper Mini Futures 10min Charts – Intraday Trading System


Copper Mini Futures 10min Charts – Positional Trading System

About Lintra

LinTRA – Linear Regression based Intraday trading system designed to trade high volatile scrips. It is simple but a responsive trading strategy looks for a breakout entry and breakout exit trades. Trading system is totally non repainting and trading decisions are taken realtime rather than waiting for the close of the bar or waiting for the next bar to open.

Entry Timings
Intraday Entry time is at 9:30a.m i.e the time where the first signal arrives and whatever the position left open it will be closed by 3:00p.m.


Green Up Arrow Represents – Buy Signal
Green Star Indicates – Exit Buy Positions
Red Down Arrow Represents – Short Signal
Red Star Represents – Exit Short Positions

Green Up Arrow and Red Star on the Same Bar Indicates – Reverse your Position from Short to Long
Red Down Arrow and Green Star on the Same Bar Indicates – Reverse your Position from Long to Short

The Dashboard tracks the P/L for the current running trade and if no trade in progress it informs the same. Trading Positions are Entered on Intra Bars as guided by the dashboard in realtime. One need to keep your watch on the dashboard as the trading entry references are quotes in the dashboard which help one to enter the trades in realtime.


LinPos is similar to Lintra but it carry forwards the trading position to next day and optimized for positional trading.

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Disclaimer : The charts shown here is purely for educational purpose to study the market behavior with SuperTrend indicator. Buy and Sell Signals are not meant here to take real trades. If you are trading based on these buy and sell signals then do it at your own risk. marketcalls neither be responsible for accuracy of the data nor the losses incurred.

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