Divergence 2016 – Traders Annual Web Conference

 Biggest and intensive ever traders conference    Access to Webinar from Expert Traders, Daily Market Commentary, Live Trading Room Setup, Live Trading Journal, Recorded Webinar and more!    A Platform where quality traders, expert speakers, mentors share their observation and thoughts about markets!  Learn new trading skill set by participating anywhere from the world!  


Divergence 2016 – Traders Annual Web Conference

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Coming Jan 2016(2nd Jan – 30th Jan 2016), you’ll have a chance to join hundreds of your fellow traders in via online web conference at #DIV2016. This event is for the serious traders who is willing to learn intensively to upgrade your trading skill set. Expert Traders, Speakers, Mentors are there to guide you on the weekends. And the weekdays you will have access to daily market commentary, marketcalls live trading room setup and live trading journal to learn from the markets live. Go register quickly to avail of early bird discounts. And since the event is completely online in nature – All participants have the comfort of attending the event from anywhere.

Register for Divergence 2016

Support : 09738383344 (Mon – Fri) 9a.m – 6p.m IST
Email : [email protected]
Organizer : Rajandran R

Expert Traders & Mentors
Rajandran R is a Full timetrader and founder of Marketcalls. He focus more on Systematic Trading and Love to talk lot about financial markets, trading softwares, trading strategies and sentiment .
Jay Chandran is a Full time day trader actively trades in Nifty Futures and Stock Futures uses Market Profile and Price action based strategies .
Bramesh Bandari is a Full timetrader and founder of Bramesh Technicals. Active stock blogger passionated about technical analysis and love to talk about trading analysis and trading psychology. Actively trades in derivative segment. BrameshTech Analysis awarded as the best stock blog by the IndiBlogger Awards 2013
Kesav Kumar CMT is a Algo trader and Software Engineer by profession. He focus more on Systematic Trading , Pattern and Seasonal Trading and Love to talk lot about Algo Trading, Harmonic Patterns, Crowd Behavior and Trading Psychology .
Madan is a Full time trader has been actively trading for the past 9.5 years. Currently, he exclusively trade Nifty and Bank Nifty futures based on Price action.In the past, he has successfully traded various instruments like e-Mini S&P, USDJPY , Euro (CME futures), Soybean & Corn(CBOT).
Abhishek from Tradejini is MBA by qualification, a trader, trainer and Option Mentor. He is a passionate Technical Analyst and love to talk more about financial markets , option strategies and market sentiment.


Agenda for Divergence 2016

Key Takeaways


6 elite trading experts, hands-on education, and timely strategies and trade
ideas for every market, sector, and financial instrument, makes this a trading
event unlike any other!

– Access to 18 Webinars from 6 expert traders & mentors (gotowebinar)
– 4 month of Access to Recorded Webinars (Marketcalls Portal)
– 4 month of Access to Live Trading Journal (Slack Chat group)
– 1 month of Access to Live Trading Room Setup (gotowebinar)
– 1 month of Access to Live Daily Market Commentary before the market opens (gotowebinar)
– Offers from Our Event Sponsors

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