Madhav Patil I am Madhav Patil from Solapur, Maharashtra. I am a science graduate by education and now working as BM in a reputed Broking Firm. I have been in market since 2006, started as a part time trader. Gradually became full time trader after a year. I have been interested in technical studies of chart and have been doing so from last 5 years. I have been publishing my studies on social network sites from past few years but have stopped due to work load since past year and half. Now, opportunity given to post at the most favored site "Marketcalls", I would like to contribute with My best Thanks Madhav Patil


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Bank Of India – Flag Pole Pattern

An interesting pattern has developed in Bank Of India daily chart. This is one of my most dependable pattern. As we can see the...
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Nifty – Probable Flat Formation

As we can see in the daily chart,If we label 6342 (3 Nov 2013) to 5972 ( 22 Nov 2013) as wave A, gradually...
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