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  http://www.kotak.com Rachita Kotian is an independent blogger and writing has been her passion for a long time. A literature major, she loves exploring the world of health, lifestyle, travel and finance. When she’s not writing, she’s most likely listening to music, cooking, surfing the web, or catching up on the latest flick.


6 Stories by Rachita K

The World of Hashtag Banking!

In the past decade, availability of personal computers, increased high-speed broadband connectivity, and emphasis on faster, safer, and more convenient banking services led to...
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It’s Time to Put the Savings Accumulated into Use

Savings accounts and term deposits are one of the best known ways to save money and earn more out of it. They are considered...
1 2 min read

Know Everything About Effective Utilisation of your ATM card

Debit Cards give us the flexibility of not carrying too much cash wherever we go. But where transactions involve the usage of cash, we...
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Why To Check For Personal Loan Eligibility Conditions?

Rita Ghosh was short of INR 50,000/- to complete her purchases for her wedding trousseau. Yet, she had exhausted her existing financial resources and...
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It is prudent to Invest in a Savings Bank Account now?

We have all be eager to see the budget and how it would impact our budget. With the new financial decisions doled out by...
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Travelling Abroad Made Easy With A Multi-Currency World Travel Card

Travelling abroad & wondering whether to carry cash or use credit / debit card? Now opt for multi currency world travel card that helps...
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